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Overlooking Kingston, Jamaica (2005); ; (c) Alice Clare

Ideas about responsibility – personal, local, community (however defined), global – have been on my mind a lot this year. The pounding in my head with all these things is intense…recently it’s intensified because of personal things but also because of the things going on in the news, both in the United States and in … Continue reading

An Old Man and An iPod Shuffle

I am halfway to bed but doing the usual lingering on the interwebs.  One last check of Facebook, I told myself…and I’m glad that I did.  My cousin posted a beautiful video showing how an elderly man in a nursing home reacts to music.  It’s a short video (a clip from the upcoming documentary Alive … Continue reading

Amid the Cacophony…

I’ve been thinking about what to post today…so much trouble in the world and my spirit is disturbed by much of it.  There is a great noise in my head. Naturally I turned to music to calm me, distract me, inspire me, motivate me…to help me sort through all the competing thoughts.   I decided … Continue reading

Recent Adventures, of the Auditory & Gastronomical Kind

The last a capella concert I attended was Ladysmith Black Mombazo in 2006.  They gave a performance at Carnegie Hall; I managed to get some cheap seats way up in the concert hall.  The bench was uncomfortable but seeing those gentlemen in person was priceless.  I first heard Ladysmith when Mommy & Grandma settled me … Continue reading

Stormy Weather

Before I launch into my thoughts about Tropical Depression/Storm Nicole and the devastating impact she had on Jamaica, let us pause to enjoy the beauty that is Stormy Weather by Lena Horne (which popped into my mind when I named this post) Listen as you read, actually.  Beautiful.  And calming before I delve into Tropical … Continue reading