Chikungunya Notebook: The Basics

Some questions and hopefully helpful answers based on my understanding after reading a number of sources.  Let’s go… What is chikungunya? Chikungunya is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes. This disease name sounds fool fool.  Where it come from?  After an outbreak in 1952 in what is now Tanzania, the name “chikungunya” was given to the … Continue reading

Chikungunya Notebook: Mitigate and Educate

The Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, is scheduled to address Jamaicans some time this afternoon or early evening.  I have no idea why this address wasn’t done on Friday, when it was announced, because really there need not be any pomp or any more vague information from him.  The viral fever chikungunya is now out … Continue reading

Do You Waste Food?

How much food do you think you waste each day? A pound? Quarter pound? I’m guessing that you’ve never really thought about it like that. Sometimes we may feel a twinge of guilt for cooking too much pasta or boiled bananas and being unable to finish it. You scrape what’s left in the garbage and … Continue reading

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

It’s remarkable how a shower can raise one’s mood.  Just this evening I took a shower before heading out to dinner with friends. It was a warm & soothing shower, something to which I have grown unconsciously accustomed.  Even growing up in Jamaica when we didn’t have a hot water heater I’d still be able to take warm showers…mostly … Continue reading