A Little Carpentry…

Editor’s Note:  I first drafted this post in January 2012.  It was after the government last changed hands and a new large Cabinet was announced.  Around that time I was also reading A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid.  In that book, she explains why a country should not need a Ministry of Culture.  As I read, something … Continue reading

Toilet Paper Governance

I’ve known for some time that Jamaica was up shit’s creek but the past few days have been a revelation.  What a day it is when you cannot be certain if the toilet paper you have in your home is safe to wipe your ass or vagina. So far, the Bureau of Standards Jamaica and the … Continue reading

Reblog: “I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t.” by Brandon Allwood


The first dose of the “medicine” (I hate this term in this context) has been administered and it is indeed bitter.  I’ve already seen it called poison. Below I am republishing a post from Brandon Allwood (@brandonallwood) that he published today.  I share his frustration with the current lack of leadership in Jamaica.  Plus, frankly, … Continue reading

Guest Post | Tragic Comedy: The Manatt/Coke Commission of Enquiry

EDITORIAL NOTE FROM CUCUMBER JUICE: The following is a guest post from @DNGeezy.  For reporting on the extradition request for Mr. Coke and how Manatt got involved click here (article in The Washington Post) and for a timeline of sorts about the Enquiry thus far click here (The Jamaica Gleaner).  And as a matter of brief … Continue reading

Stormy Weather

Before I launch into my thoughts about Tropical Depression/Storm Nicole and the devastating impact she had on Jamaica, let us pause to enjoy the beauty that is Stormy Weather by Lena Horne (which popped into my mind when I named this post) Listen as you read, actually.  Beautiful.  And calming before I delve into Tropical … Continue reading