Guest Post | A Story About Onions

Last Friday a friend of mine, Sasha, called me.  She was so excited about a conversation she had with a young man about a farming project in Jamaica. Now this may seem strange to you but Sasha is working toward returning to Jamaica to farm. As simple as that.  She is a woman of the … Continue reading

The Potential of a Suspended Wall Garden in African Gardens, Jamaica

a seedling through concrete (image source: /, Creative Commons 3.0 License)

I was so excited when I read an article about a “suspended wall garden” in African Gardens, Jamaica.  Its simplicity fascinated me. The article appeared in The Jamaica Observer and briefly explained about work that University of the West Indies Mona (UWI) and other volunteers did in a community called African Gardens.  African Gardens is in August … Continue reading

From Spider Venom to Improving Farming in Jamaica

Today I came across an article about spider venom and improving farming techniques. Eh? Not as weird as the headline suggested. The venom stuff was actually pretty cool though the principle is not altogether new. Humans have long known that certain plants and animals are helpful in keeping pests away from crops. For example, organic … Continue reading

Do You Waste Food?

How much food do you think you waste each day? A pound? Quarter pound? I’m guessing that you’ve never really thought about it like that. Sometimes we may feel a twinge of guilt for cooking too much pasta or boiled bananas and being unable to finish it. You scrape what’s left in the garbage and … Continue reading

Of Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals…Healing Plants

Recently I’ve taken to referring to Mommy as a Bush Woman. Why? Because I can’t even think of clearing my throat before she starts diagnosing and recommending which food, bush, fruit skin, herb, or mix up I should take. And, of course, she’s often right (there, Mommy, I said it!). Even Grandpa is in on … Continue reading

Blog Action Day 2011 – Food

Last year Blog Action Day focused on water. This year the focus is food.  Today is also World Food day.  I’ve written about the joy of food and cooking, its importance to a culture, what we are actually eating, and the growing and pernicious worldwide hunger crisis that we are facing.  I’d planned to make this … Continue reading

Celebrate Jamaica: A Chat with The Juicy Chef, Jacqui Sinclair

The Juicy Chef - Photo from Jacqui Sinclair's Facebook Page

I got the Skype alert that “Juicy Chef” was calling the instant I was about to click the “Call” button on my end.  I answered and onto my screen popped a smiling face that was soon accompanied by a British accented voice that was cheerful even though I know she’d had a long day and … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Are You Hungry?

Food has been all over my radar lately.  I’m a little notorious for always being hungry…well, notorious for always saying that I’m hungry.  Aside from just being bored at times, I frequently forget to eat.  I get engrossed in whatever I’m doing and then suddenly I’ll glance at a timepiece and realize that it’s been … Continue reading

Collecting Recipes, Nourished by Memories

For a few years now I’ve been collecting recipes.  I love food…I mean I love love food; we’ve had our issues and I sometimes struggle with control but I love it same way!  Grandma and Mommy were fond of telling me – and others – how much I enjoyed my food when I was younger. … Continue reading