The Potential of a Suspended Wall Garden in African Gardens, Jamaica

a seedling through concrete (image source: /, Creative Commons 3.0 License)

I was so excited when I read an article about a “suspended wall garden” in African Gardens, Jamaica.  Its simplicity fascinated me. The article appeared in The Jamaica Observer and briefly explained about work that University of the West Indies Mona (UWI) and other volunteers did in a community called African Gardens.  African Gardens is in August … Continue reading

About Mekhi and Fanconi Anemia

A high school classmate of mine shared the note below with me and many others last November.  Last summer her young son was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia (FA), which she explains below.  I’ve also  included a vid she provided that explains the illness.  I was really devastated to hear the news both because I dislike … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, but…

So today is Christmas Eve (I don’t know why my calendar says “Christmas Day Observed” it’s not the 25th day of December!)…many of us are finally at the family home or en route there, whether by plane, car, or bus.  We’re gathering to share the joy of the season and, of course, lots of food … Continue reading