Cyril Everard Palmer, 1930* – 2013

The first book that I read by Cyril Everard Palmer (popularly known as C. Everard Palmer) was A Cow Called Boy. It was fascinating to me, from the front cover until the last page. What’s not to like: Josh’s farm pet follows him to school, disrupts school, is sold, and then Josh and his friends … Continue reading

Of Preachers on Buses and Censorship

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For some reason I have agonized for over two weeks about whether to publish this.  Yet, here goes… Same knife weh juk sheep juk goat. I am extremely uncomfortable with the recent JUTC ban of preachers on buses.  Sometimes it verges on dislike.  My discomfort is nothing to do with Jamaica (supposedly) being a “Christian … Continue reading

[Untitled II]

Overlooking Kingston, Jamaica (2005); ; (c) Alice Clare

Ideas about responsibility – personal, local, community (however defined), global – have been on my mind a lot this year. The pounding in my head with all these things is intense…recently it’s intensified because of personal things but also because of the things going on in the news, both in the United States and in … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: A Proposed Baseball Diamond in Trelawny

In April 2010 the Jamaica Gleaner published this gem There are plans to set up a baseball diamond at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium in the coming months, after lengthy discussions between the Jamaican Government and officials of the United States-based Major League Baseball (MLB) seem to be heading in the right direction. Labelled as an … Continue reading

Of Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals…Healing Plants

Recently I’ve taken to referring to Mommy as a Bush Woman. Why? Because I can’t even think of clearing my throat before she starts diagnosing and recommending which food, bush, fruit skin, herb, or mix up I should take. And, of course, she’s often right (there, Mommy, I said it!). Even Grandpa is in on … Continue reading

A Sunday Evening Grammar Game

Who knew one could have so much with homophones?  Well on Twitter just about anything is possible, and yesterday I had some fun with my Twitter friends (who I’ll call twiends since I don’t really like the “follower” terminology) when I asked who could make  to make a sentence using vein, vane, and vain.  Yes, … Continue reading