Travel Memories: Brugge, Belgium

This is really a mini-post brought on by the steady rain here in the DC Metro area – first Hurricane Irene and now Tropical Storm Lee.  I’ve been trudging around town in water boots, and today, my trench coat.  I wish it were Spring leading to Summer but alas…  Anyway, I’m reminded of the all … Continue reading

Travel Memories: Portland, Jamaica

I think that Portland is one of Jamaica’s most picturesque parishes.  It certainly is very lush.  It’s been some time since I visited — *sniffle* — but looking through my pictures soothes the longing to go back.  It really is a mellow, calming, soul-refreshing experience to be in Portland.  I think that Portland and St. … Continue reading

Travel Memories: Paris, France

I’ve finished cooking dinner but I’m not ready to eat (it’s too early).  So between watching basketball and chatting to a few friends my mind wandered to food.  My mind meandered over to memories of food I had in Paris when I visited in Summer 2008.  It was a fantastic experience though I was sick … Continue reading

Travel Memories: Praha, Czech Republic

I recently took a long train trip…a good 6 hours one way.  It brought back memories of Summer 2008 when I was studying in Kraków, Poland. On our weekend off (4th of July) I headed to Praha (Prague) in the Czech Republic to visit my friend who was also  studying.  I had a great time … Continue reading