Of Preachers on Buses and Censorship

Image from from laudyms.wordpress.com

For some reason I have agonized for over two weeks about whether to publish this.  Yet, here goes… Same knife weh juk sheep juk goat. I am extremely uncomfortable with the recent JUTC ban of preachers on buses.  Sometimes it verges on dislike.  My discomfort is nothing to do with Jamaica (supposedly) being a “Christian … Continue reading

Of Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals…Healing Plants

Recently I’ve taken to referring to Mommy as a Bush Woman. Why? Because I can’t even think of clearing my throat before she starts diagnosing and recommending which food, bush, fruit skin, herb, or mix up I should take. And, of course, she’s often right (there, Mommy, I said it!). Even Grandpa is in on … Continue reading

A Brief Note About Trayvon Martin

I am not going to go into the facts of this case here.  Unless you have chosen to be ignorant or have been living under a rock you should at least know the bare outline.  Yes, should. I am not naive enough to think that the killing of a black boy by a white man … Continue reading

My Jury Duty Experience – Day 2

I recently served as a juror on a criminal trial. I blogged about Day 1’s experiences are here. Below are my impressions about the process from opening statements through jury deliberations and delivering the verdict. At this point I wasn’t able to take my own notes anymore (the few notes I did take were scribbled … Continue reading

My Jury Duty Experience – Day 1

In January I was summoned for February jury duty…but I couldn’t attend so I called and asked to be excused. It was that easy and I was really grateful because the timing was truly awful. The lady I spoke to (a Jamaican, I recognized the accent 5 seconds into the conversation…we’re every where!) asked why … Continue reading

That Man Terry Jones Who Wants to Burn Qur’ans

Can you say nut job? The decision of Florida “Pastor” Terry Jones to hold a “Burn the Qur’an Day” in “memory” of the attacks on the U.S. on September 11, 2010 has set off a furor around the world.  When I first read an article about this man and his intentions I was incredulous.  Really? … Continue reading