Riverton Smoke Signals: Riverton Smoke 101

Yesterday Jamaica’s Ministry of Health released a statement about tests on last week’s Riverton Smoke.  The most important bit is: “there were high levels of hazardous substances including benzene.”  OK.  But what does that mean? What are the other hazardous substances? What does “high levels” mean? Wait, wait, wait: WHAT is in this smoke? The Government … Continue reading

Riverton Smoke Signals: A Distress Call

One of the oldest methods of long distance communication is the smoke signal.  Since last Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Jamaica has been sending an urgent and persistent smoke signal for all who care to see: H-E-L-P. The Riverton Dump, the main dumping site for all manner of waste produced by Jamaicans, is on fire.  It … Continue reading

“Soft Sustainability” and Jamaica – A Twitter Conversation with Minister Damion Crawford

Earlier this evening I saw the following tweets from Government Of Jamaica State Minister Damion Crawford As it turns out we ended up in a long-ish Twitter conversation about his statements, which I have captured here.  (I can’t figure out how to embed it into the post but if I do I’ll update the post.) … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: “Wasting Jamaica” by Diana McCaulay

Ms. McCaulay’s blog post really needs little introduction. Aside from her obvious love of and grief over the treatment of Jamaica’s environment by Jamaicans and the Jamaican government, I was struck by her description of the GOJ’s response to the situation in Pedro Cays. O? Keep it hidden, eh? Don’t be rude? Well maybe the … Continue reading

Guest Post | Return Our Parrots!

So I finally dug this post out of one called Stanford! When I saw him get a response to his persistence I pounced…poor thing…but I’m tenacious, as he no doubt now realizes (and you’re welcome for the space, Stanny!).  And this is why I kept at him: every so often I’d see @stannyha tweet to … Continue reading

Absurdity in St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland, Jamaica

Watch this (a little over 10 minutes) That’s in St. Elizabeth.  (You can learn some about Font Hill in this video.) Now look at this tweet… …and the attraction that it’s promoting Look at that beauiful water and hill backdrop.  I caught a glimpse of more of this beauty on my last trips home; on the … Continue reading

The Urban “Development” Corporation and Winnifred Beach

Yesterday this flashed across my Twitter timeline O Lord, what now? (Click image to be taken to article) I clicked the link and read the article.  As I feared, plans are afoot to “develop” the area adjoining Winnifred Beach in Portland, which would undoubtedly result in limited or no access to the beach for the … Continue reading

Celebrate Jamaica: Collaboration

Today my friend @DJAutograph chose the Throwback Thursday tune on Large Up, one of his favourites “Anything For You (All Star Remix) — The audio is a bit low but that’s the best quality video.  DJ Autograph wrote I started DJing in 1994, a year after Snow’s hit “Informer” topped the Billboard charts in the … Continue reading

Travel Memories: Portland, Jamaica

I think that Portland is one of Jamaica’s most picturesque parishes.  It certainly is very lush.  It’s been some time since I visited — *sniffle* — but looking through my pictures soothes the longing to go back.  It really is a mellow, calming, soul-refreshing experience to be in Portland.  I think that Portland and St. … Continue reading

Lessons from the Flooding Along the Mississippi

As I read news about the delicate dance of the Army Corps of Engineers as it directs sand-bagging of levees & flood gate opening along the Mississippi River, I couldn’t help but wonder about those people who would have federal, state, and local governments pay scant attention to the environment.   And by scant attention … Continue reading