Caribbean Film on Display at the 2012 DC International Film Festival

A couple of weeks ago fellow blogger Mamachel told me that Jamaican film Better Mus’ Come would be shown at the 26th Annual DC Film Festival (aka Filmfest DC from April 12 – 22). Yeeesss! I’ve been dying to see the film that so many audiences have loved. Last year I attended the festival — … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: A Strip Search in Barbados

Where to begin. When I first read about Shanique Myrie on Caro’s (@carybbeancee) blog I was shocked.  I cringed, winced, and heaved a heavy sigh.  Ms. Myrie’s telling of what she says happened to her at the Grantley Adam’s airport in Barbados is disgusting (click here to read).  It’s hard to read. Most women don’t … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Haiti – One Year Later

I’ve had this post in draft mode for so long, hesitating to write it because I did not want to simply blog a lament about Haiti.  The post was to be about the cholera outbreak and my absolute disbelief that yet another disaster could and was striking that country.  I wanted to scream why why … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Singapore’s “English Campaign” & The New Zealand EQ

So, I’m starting a few series for my blog (couple weekly and one monthly).  I’m trying to organize my thoughts and interests so that I don’t feel overwhelmed with what to write, and I’m also trying to be consistent with blogging.  O, the random post will still happen because truthfully I’m not fond of too much structure; … Continue reading

John Maxwell on Haiti

Once again, John Maxwell proves that he is one the last and best Jamaican journalists…and a valuable historian. NO, MISTER! YOU CANNOT SHARE MY PAIN! John Maxwell | Sunday, January 17, 2010 If you shared my pain you would not continue to make me suffer, to torture me, to deny me my dignity and my … Continue reading

Haiti’s Palace

A friend of mine asks the question: Seriously, why is the Prime Minister of Haiti’s Palace so big? Technically it’s the President’s palace but I won’t quibble. Seems an innocuous enough question but on second blush, it really isn’t. Why, in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, is there such a massive and imposing … Continue reading

Jamaica & Responding to the Haitian Earthquake Crisis

Two days into the aftermath of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti and I’m already chaffing at what seems to be further evidence of lack of leadership – particularly among Caribbean leaders. I really hope that it’s more the word about their collaborative efforts being released than lack of any effort at all. In … Continue reading

Conserving the Environment does not mean no development

An interesting piece from the BBC’s The Green Room given the current debate in Jamaica over raping the Cockpit Country in the hope of mining bauxite – yet another foray into giving away our natural resources at the expense of our Environment and future. For some to say that going into the Cockpit Country is … Continue reading

Heavy Heart

The logical side of my brain is trying to figure out why Miss Lou’s death makes me so sad but it’s losing a hard battle to my emotions, which are screaming to quit trying to analyze and jus’ recognize. She wasn’t related to me yet she’s as much a part of me as she is … Continue reading

Jamaica Environmetnal Trust & Bahia

In case you haven’t seen this. I’m very proud of the JET’s stand on this issue. Our enviornment has suffered enough while we’ve stormed on toward development. _____________________________________________________ ‘Bahía hotel still a danger’ published: Wednesday June 28, 2006 THE JAMAICA Environment Trust (JET) yesterday maintained that the controversial construction of the Bahía Priñcipe hotel … Continue reading