Chikungunya Notebook: The Basics

Some questions and hopefully helpful answers based on my understanding after reading a number of sources.  Let’s go… What is chikungunya? Chikungunya is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes. This disease name sounds fool fool.  Where it come from?  After an outbreak in 1952 in what is now Tanzania, the name “chikungunya” was given to the … Continue reading

Chikungunya Notebook: Mitigate and Educate

The Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, is scheduled to address Jamaicans some time this afternoon or early evening.  I have no idea why this address wasn’t done on Friday, when it was announced, because really there need not be any pomp or any more vague information from him.  The viral fever chikungunya is now out … Continue reading

2014 Ja Back to School List: Books, Bag, Bucket o’ Water…

A couple of years ago when folks were especially gung-ho about introducing tech (e.g., tablets) into Jamaican schools as the way to improve the education system, I pointed out that too many schools still had pit latrines, and suggested that perhaps the focus should be on upgrading those basic facilities before pushing ahead with integrating … Continue reading

Jamaica, Jamaica: For Sale, No Offer Too Low

This week the Mount Rosser toll road bypass from Kingston to the North Coast opened to much fanfare.  So serious was it that, allegedly, a member of government who showed up to the road opening in a tropical country in August in polo shirt and jeans was asked by the Prime Minister of Jamaica to … Continue reading

I Dare You To Care…After the Show

The 2014 Shaggy and Friends show is concluded. The Twitter campaign has wound down. Money has been raised, awareness has been sharpened, and a large audience saw, by most accounts, a good show. Now what? Well, the next logical thing step that there should be a full report on the amount of money raised for … Continue reading

Beauty Queen Politics

Beauty pageants and a former beauty queen have been atop Jamaican news recently. Dr. Dayton Campbell (again) found himself on the wrong side of the Twitterverse when he shared his opinion (a now deleted tweet) about a contestant in the Miss Jamaica World 2013 pageant: “bout best shape, she shape like the Jamaican economy.” Setting … Continue reading

A Brief Note About A Public Smoking Ban in Jamaica

When I first outlined this post, soon after Minister Fenton Ferguson made his announcement in Parliament, I noted 5 areas in which the he and the Government of Jamaica of which he is a member failed. Now one week after the implementation of the smoking ban I see snippets about how the smoking ban is … Continue reading

Ja Blog Day 2013 – Police & Security Force Abuses

I have so many thoughts about today’s initiative and about this topic.  It’s been difficult to distill my thoughts into one coherent post but one thing keeps coming to mind and it is this: Those police officers or soldiers (because it is not all of them, remember that) who illegally kill Jamaicans are not the … Continue reading

Toilet Paper Governance

I’ve known for some time that Jamaica was up shit’s creek but the past few days have been a revelation.  What a day it is when you cannot be certain if the toilet paper you have in your home is safe to wipe your ass or vagina. So far, the Bureau of Standards Jamaica and the … Continue reading

Announcing: Jamaica Blog Day – May 23, 2013

At the end of last year I began to wonder whether Jamaican Bloggers couldn’t begin something similar to Blog Action Day: a day on which we all blog about one topic.  Only the topic would be the same; each post would approach the topic as the blogger decided.  By January I decided to email the … Continue reading