Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama, I have written many letters to you in my head but, for various reasons, I’ve not published them or otherwise shared them.  But I feel a bit strange today: seeing you, the leader I helped elect, visit Jamaica, the country that birthed and molded me; I am compelled to publish this letter.  At … Continue reading

Why Do I Blog?

I ask myself this often, just to ensure that I keep focused and press publish for my right reasons. But lately this question has been plaguing me. What impact does pressing publish really have? What purpose? Why do I blog? To be sure, blogging is often cathartic to me. When I began blogging I was … Continue reading

Tanya Hamilton’s “Good Country People”

Last week I attended a showing of three short films directed by women: Good Country People, Not Another Word (funny and not at all unique to the Jordanian experience it depicts), and Half of Her (about the traditions we carry with us when we leave “home”…it’s really hard to watch and it may surprise you … Continue reading

Yes, I Am Angry and Frustrated. And I Will Yell.

I had a moment on Twitter this morning as I began to see tweets from the first day of a symposium about the proposed done deal CHEC Logistics Hub (notice the stealthy name change for the project?) in the environmentally protected Portland Bight area of Jamaica. Did I mention that the cost of attendance for … Continue reading


A baker’s dozen of things I have realized or been thinking about lately… Defending “two likkle lizard” somehow gets you branded as elitist. Apparently caring about the environment and Jamaica’s development and the well-being of all Jamaicans — living near Goat Islands or not — immediately pits you against poor people. Badmind tun up! Corruption … Continue reading

Grounding Myself in Confidence

It is a coincidence that I’m publishing this post on International Woman’s Day.  But, here it is, a bit of a ramble that I hope is helpful for other young women. This year I’ve decided to focus on my professional development and a part of that focus is attending events not just for the networking … Continue reading

When A Dancehall Tune Was About The Cold War

the cold war - Source:

I think it was when I recently tuned in to DJ Autograph’s set on Miss Lily’s: Super Cat’s “Under Pressure” came on and, of course, I pounded my desk with delight.  Big big tune! I was bouncing along in my chair, singing along as I plugged away with some work when it clicked in my … Continue reading

One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag

I’m it. Fellow Jamaican blogger Karee tagged me in the Jamaican Blog Tag that’s making the rounds courtesy of another blogger Nas. According to Nas, the tag is meant to “form links, possibly discover new information and new bloggers and have fun while doing so.” Nas chose the topic and questions, and explains the rules: … Continue reading

[Untitled II]

Overlooking Kingston, Jamaica (2005); ; (c) Alice Clare

Ideas about responsibility – personal, local, community (however defined), global – have been on my mind a lot this year. The pounding in my head with all these things is intense…recently it’s intensified because of personal things but also because of the things going on in the news, both in the United States and in … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: A Proposed Baseball Diamond in Trelawny

In April 2010 the Jamaica Gleaner published this gem There are plans to set up a baseball diamond at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium in the coming months, after lengthy discussions between the Jamaican Government and officials of the United States-based Major League Baseball (MLB) seem to be heading in the right direction. Labelled as an … Continue reading