Guest Post | Dancehall and Reggae to the World! But in Jamaica…?

EDITOR’S NOTE: For some time now I’ve watched with dismay the decline and rejection of Dancehall culture in Jamaica.  Middle and upper class sensibilities, along with the drive for “law and order,” seem intent on squashing the vibrant and important parts of our culture that don’t toe the line…whatever that line is and however arbitrarily … Continue reading

When A Dancehall Tune Was About The Cold War

the cold war - Source:

I think it was when I recently tuned in to DJ Autograph’s set on Miss Lily’s: Super Cat’s “Under Pressure” came on and, of course, I pounded my desk with delight.  Big big tune! I was bouncing along in my chair, singing along as I plugged away with some work when it clicked in my … Continue reading

Guest Post | Dancehall, Jamaica, and Me

Not long after I became an active tweeter a young lady using the handle @spyasamy started following me.  She immediately started interacting and soon I followed her.  It was clear that Yasmine loved Jamaica and Jamaican music and she really loved Jamaican superstar Sean Paul (@duttypaul).  It was heartwarming to see, and to honest, it made … Continue reading

Winston Riley Died

Without me knowing it at the time, Winston Riley was responsible for the deep falling in love moment I had with Dancehall.  It was a summer vacation and I was in New York…and not New York City but upstate New York.  Faaaar!  My cousin had a walkman and a cassette with Dancehall on it and … Continue reading

“Be Inspired!”

A simple but powerful two word command. Those were the last words tweeted by Heavy D, a popular rapper who was key to bringing Dancehall and Reggae music to mainstream America in the ’90s.  I was shocked to hear of his sudden death.  True, I wasn’t a fan but I do remember seeing him all over … Continue reading

Celebrate Jamaica: Collaboration

Today my friend @DJAutograph chose the Throwback Thursday tune on Large Up, one of his favourites “Anything For You (All Star Remix) — The audio is a bit low but that’s the best quality video.  DJ Autograph wrote I started DJing in 1994, a year after Snow’s hit “Informer” topped the Billboard charts in the … Continue reading

Dancehall, Ah Wah Gwaan?

Today I could not hold back the Twitter rant about some “fresh” Dancehall to which I exposed my ears. »» I was heated. HEATED. Wait did I say I was done? Nope. My poor ears.  Where did I hear the offending “music”? On Federation Sound‘s weekly podcast, specifically the May 6, 2011 edition (#199). No … Continue reading

Celebrating Jamaica

Eric Donaldson’s “Land of My Birth” 1978 Jamaica Festival Popular Song Contest winner.  Listen while you read! O how I wish I never had to leave The Rock’s shores but I did and that’s that…but mi neva run weh and mi nah and nevah fling no stone back ah mi! Now for my own piece/peace … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Dear Bounty Killer

Dear Bounty Killer – I’m a fan of your music.  I respect that you’ve mentored and even nurtured many of today’s popular DJs, even though I think this Alliance business is nonsense and divisive (and I’ve thought so from the first rumblings of its formation surfaced).  I actually think that you’re a very gifted DJ … Continue reading

I was wondering when this would happen

Buju’s new album has been released and I’ve read some good reviews. It’s his first purely dancehall album in years so many are anxious to attend concerts on his tour as he promotes the album; besides, he’s a good performer and the artists on tour with him can also draw pretty good turnouts. But I’ve … Continue reading