Guest Post | From the Mouth of A Matie

The post below is anonymous.  It comes to CJ courtesy of a submission to Jamaican Blogger Mamachel (she tweets as @mamachell). The issue of the “other woman” is a popular and much debated one in Jamaican culture, which the poster alludes to with her quotations of popular Dancehall tunes.  There have been many songs bigging up with … Continue reading

The Lessons of Dirty Dancing

What is it about this movie that gets people, especially girls? “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Wheee!! I love it! As I listen to the final scene again – having rewound it – I always get a warm feeling and I’m pretty sure a knowing smile crosses my face. The essence of the movie … Continue reading

u can’t help who you love. but…

To all my girlfriends out there, or to guys who know a girl who’s been ‘caught up’, please share: I know that your heart doesn’t necessarily allow you to use your head when it comes to love. But please don’t take chances with your life for anyone at any time….it’s not worth it. Last weekend, … Continue reading