My St. Andrew Science Story…Because Girls in Science Matter

On Sunday June 1, four St. Andrew High School classmates (Mikaela, Reneé, Tayo, and Camille) and I launched a 30-day crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for the fourth lab on the Old Science Block at our alma mater in Kingston, Jamaica.  Our goal is big – USD$25,000 – but achievable.  For me, our efforts are … Continue reading

Grounding Myself in Confidence

It is a coincidence that I’m publishing this post on International Woman’s Day.  But, here it is, a bit of a ramble that I hope is helpful for other young women. This year I’ve decided to focus on my professional development and a part of that focus is attending events not just for the networking … Continue reading

Mrs. Repole

I am sad. This morning Dr. Dahlia Repole died. Quite appropriately, much will be written about Mrs. Repole’s accomplishments.  She worked long and hard on education issues in Jamaica.  I’ll leave it to those better suited to write those comprehensive reflections on her life and work.  I am glad, though, that before she passed away, she … Continue reading

7 Things Your Granny Taught You About Being “Green”

We tend to think of being “green” (environmentally responsible, sustainable, all that) as some newfangled, hip thing.  Well it’s certainly popular but it’s not new.  Your parents and definitely your grandparents know all about conserving and the green mantras — reduce, reuse, recycle and buy local — and they taught you all about it.  But … Continue reading

Many Rivers to Cross…to Freedom

I’m probably breaking some “blogger rule” by posting so late…o well.  On and off for about a month Jimmy Cliff has been on my mind.  I don’t know why but I’m not complaining.  The song that stands out the most to me is “Many Rivers to Cross.” Written in 1969 it was included on the … Continue reading

An Old Man and An iPod Shuffle

I am halfway to bed but doing the usual lingering on the interwebs.  One last check of Facebook, I told myself…and I’m glad that I did.  My cousin posted a beautiful video showing how an elderly man in a nursing home reacts to music.  It’s a short video (a clip from the upcoming documentary Alive … Continue reading

Remember Mekhi? He’s Getting Ready for a Bone Marrow Transplant!

Almost a year ago I blogged about my high school (go Andrews at Champs!) classmate’s son Mekhi who has Fanconi Anemia.  Through the magic of Facebook, I get to see his and his mother’s progress with handling this illness.  Simone always posts pictures of Mekhi being a fighter and dealing with the challenges that Fanconi … Continue reading


I was reading a “Powerless: Why I Can’t Ignore Trayvon Martin” and something he wrote struck me: White people think I’m a nuisance. Black people look at me with an equal mix of hope and disdain. Hope because I represent for all the people who couldn’t make it out of the same situation, and disdain because…there’s … Continue reading

Do You Know Frederic Cassidy?

It’s my usual practice to listen to my local NPR station while I’m at work.  I get the opportunity to keep up-to-date on national and local news.  One of the shows I listen to quite often is The Diane Rehm Show and his past Wednesday I looked forward to the programme about the Dictionary of … Continue reading


These and other things cross my mind from time to time.  Have you ever wondered… …about those women chattering in distinctly foreign accents, maybe one like your own, who you may have seen saw pushing strollers containing sometimes screaming but mostly smiling, happy looking children along Manhattan streets and.  Ever wonder what’s going on behind all … Continue reading