Last Week’s News: A Statement from Jamaica’s Director of Public Prosecutions

Last month there was a glimmer of justice in Jamaica: the men responsible for the attempted murder of 7-month pregnant Jody-Ann Gray were sentenced to prison. Thankfully Ms. Gray and her child are alive and will hopefully have full lives. But amid the celebration for some justice for Ms. Gray (I qualify with “some” because … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: “Wasting Jamaica” by Diana McCaulay

Ms. McCaulay’s blog post really needs little introduction. Aside from her obvious love of and grief over the treatment of Jamaica’s environment by Jamaicans and the Jamaican government, I was struck by her description of the GOJ’s response to the situation in Pedro Cays. O? Keep it hidden, eh? Don’t be rude? Well maybe the … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: A Proposed Baseball Diamond in Trelawny

In April 2010 the Jamaica Gleaner published this gem There are plans to set up a baseball diamond at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium in the coming months, after lengthy discussions between the Jamaican Government and officials of the United States-based Major League Baseball (MLB) seem to be heading in the right direction. Labelled as an … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: On Birth Control, Abortion, and Sluts…Body Control

 *rolls shoulders*  For the past month or so I’ve noted the steady onslaught against what I may choose to do with my body, against organizations that are meant to provide services to poor people who can’t afford but need them, against people who dare to suggest that women should receive certain products and services.   A … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Are You Hungry?

Food has been all over my radar lately.  I’m a little notorious for always being hungry…well, notorious for always saying that I’m hungry.  Aside from just being bored at times, I frequently forget to eat.  I get engrossed in whatever I’m doing and then suddenly I’ll glance at a timepiece and realize that it’s been … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: A Year Later – Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica

A year ago today the Government of Jamaica launched an operation into the JLP “stronghold” of Tivoli Gardens.  On the surface the operation was to quell protests and police station burnings being conducted by those who opposed the GOJ’s decision to finally grant the US extradition request for Christopher Coke and issue a warrant for … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: A Strip Search in Barbados

Where to begin. When I first read about Shanique Myrie on Caro’s (@carybbeancee) blog I was shocked.  I cringed, winced, and heaved a heavy sigh.  Ms. Myrie’s telling of what she says happened to her at the Grantley Adam’s airport in Barbados is disgusting (click here to read).  It’s hard to read. Most women don’t … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Japan is Rocked, Were You? Even a Little?

Has it already been a week since that 9.0 EQ rocked Japan? A week since a tsunami swept over the northeastern portion of the island leaving thousands dead and many many more grieving and shell shocked? (Click here for an amazing and terrifying before and after illustration.)  It doesn’t feel like that short a time span … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Haiti – One Year Later

I’ve had this post in draft mode for so long, hesitating to write it because I did not want to simply blog a lament about Haiti.  The post was to be about the cholera outbreak and my absolute disbelief that yet another disaster could and was striking that country.  I wanted to scream why why … Continue reading

Last Week’s News: Dear Bounty Killer

Dear Bounty Killer – I’m a fan of your music.  I respect that you’ve mentored and even nurtured many of today’s popular DJs, even though I think this Alliance business is nonsense and divisive (and I’ve thought so from the first rumblings of its formation surfaced).  I actually think that you’re a very gifted DJ … Continue reading