Celebrating Jamaica’s 50th Year of Independence

Yesterday I sat down to share my thoughts about the celebrations for Jamaica’s 50th year of independence. Despite saving throughout, Word crashed as I was about to print for a final edit. When I restarted Word and opened the file the ready-for-editing version wasn’t there and Auto Recovery couldn’t open its last saved version. So … Continue reading

Celebrate Jamaica: Each One Teach One, Jamaica at DC’s Flower Mart

Last Friday and Saturday, Flower Mart 2012 hosted over 130 vendors at its annual event…along with special performances and displays showcasing Jamaica.  I attended the event on Saturday.  As I walked onto the Cathedral grounds I heard Reggae music from speakers, entertaining those who had sought shelter from drizzling rain.  Flower Mart was held at … Continue reading

Celebrate Jamaica: The Alpha Boys’ School

Growing up I didn’t know much about The Alpha Boys’ School.  I do remember Grandma making mention of it once as a music video by Leroy Smart played on the television.  She mentioned that he went to the school and that the school was known both for its music training and for the success its … Continue reading