A Possible Example for Jamaica

Found this article today. Seems like a example of how Jamaica could make use of the interest and skill and talent in science & technology among young people (here I mean high schoolers as well as those in their mid-20s to early 30s), and to promote a genuine interest among the broader public. I also … Continue reading


I found this website and I’m lost in a sea of bliss. Check it out if you’re as batty (UK for crazy, don’t get it twisted) about these issues as I am: http://www.piipa.org/index.asp …particularly interested in IP & Science & Techonlogy, the Environment & Traditional Knowledge. They seem to have a project in Jamaica but … Continue reading

We need to protect our interests…

http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20061212/lead/lead1.html …so that we don’t get raped of our natural resources yet again. This is a perfect way to initiate significant R&D and utlize the science brains we keep churning out from high school and university but who we continuously lose to U.S. universities & companies. As JCA says, we don’t want to end up … Continue reading