Environment v. Development…and the Loss of Our Dignity

I cannot get them out of my head. Thoughts of them stop me every time I begin to delve into the tangled theories and murky machinations at work behind the proposed Goat Island/Logistics Hub development plan, or the Bog Walk Dam, or the fate of the Falmouth Pier.  I feel I cannot get into those weeds … Continue reading

Ja Blog Day 2013 – Police & Security Force Abuses

I have so many thoughts about today’s initiative and about this topic.  It’s been difficult to distill my thoughts into one coherent post but one thing keeps coming to mind and it is this: Those police officers or soldiers (because it is not all of them, remember that) who illegally kill Jamaicans are not the … Continue reading

Announcing: Jamaica Blog Day – May 23, 2013

At the end of last year I began to wonder whether Jamaican Bloggers couldn’t begin something similar to Blog Action Day: a day on which we all blog about one topic.  Only the topic would be the same; each post would approach the topic as the blogger decided.  By January I decided to email the … Continue reading