Guest Post | Dancehall and Reggae to the World! But in Jamaica…?

EDITOR’S NOTE: For some time now I’ve watched with dismay the decline and rejection of Dancehall culture in Jamaica.  Middle and upper class sensibilities, along with the drive for “law and order,” seem intent on squashing the vibrant and important parts of our culture that don’t toe the line…whatever that line is and however arbitrarily … Continue reading

Guest Post | Return Our Parrots!

So I finally dug this post out of one called Stanford! When I saw him get a response to his persistence I pounced…poor thing…but I’m tenacious, as he no doubt now realizes (and you’re welcome for the space, Stanny!).  And this is why I kept at him: every so often I’d see @stannyha tweet to … Continue reading

Guest Post | Dancehall, Jamaica, and Me

Not long after I became an active tweeter a young lady using the handle @spyasamy started following me.  She immediately started interacting and soon I followed her.  It was clear that Yasmine loved Jamaica and Jamaican music and she really loved Jamaican superstar Sean Paul (@duttypaul).  It was heartwarming to see, and to honest, it made … Continue reading

Guest Post | Reflections of a Breast Cancer Survivor

At the beginning of October the idea for a series about breast cancer began to take shape.  After my first post about it I realized that there was much more that could and should be said about this illness.  Yes, it’s the big bad scary cancer but there is still a lot of good and triumph that … Continue reading

Guest Post | My Mother’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Last year when Mikaelia told me that her mother, Angella, had been diagnosed with breast cancer my heart dropped. Someone else? Again? When will the awful disease cease to inflict injury and pain upon people?  Rant, rant, rant! I hate cancer.  I suspect that Mikaelia had a similar reaction but it certainly didn’t slow her … Continue reading

Guest Post | Serve! Serve!

I invited Nigel to do a guest post on his experiences with customer service in Jamaica after seeing some his frustrated tweets. Unfortunately, his frustration is replicated daily both in my Twitter timeline and in private conversations.  The latest culprit I’m seeing in the fire is Digicel Jamaica, the nation’s largest mobile carrier. 3G Blackberry … Continue reading

Guest Post | From the Mouth of A Matie

The post below is anonymous.  It comes to CJ courtesy of a submission to Jamaican Blogger Mamachel (she tweets as @mamachell). The issue of the “other woman” is a popular and much debated one in Jamaican culture, which the poster alludes to with her quotations of popular Dancehall tunes.  There have been many songs bigging up with … Continue reading

Guest Post | Let’s Get Nostalgic

So this week’s Guest Post comes from Lauria, otherwise known as @experienceaurie; he blogs at Experience Aurie.  Aurie’s post fits in with the heaps personal reminiscing I do here though this post is more lighthearted…and dang he reached for JA$2 bill! I remember getting that as lunch money.  Times sure have changed.  By the way, I still have … Continue reading

Guest Post | War

The latest Guest Post to grace these pages comes from @shumpynella who runs the elegant blog, Tidbits.  I echo many of her sentiments the key departure for me being the searches, at the airports in particular.  Her main point, though, I agree with. Those pictures of a dead Osama bin Laden should not be released…neither … Continue reading

Guest Post | Celebrating Jamaica: Home, Sweet Home!

EDITORIAL NOTE FROM CUCUMBERJUICE: The following is a guest post from my friend the one and only Caro (known to some of y’all as @carybbeancee).  The post shares her recent trip to Jamaica and accurately captures, I think, the joy those of us who now live elsewhere feel upon returning home.  Enjoy! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: Saturday, … Continue reading