CucumberJuice…what’s it all about?

So in this space I’ll discuss whatever is on my mind: Jamaica, love, life, people I see, things I see, Jamaica, dreams I have, my friends, my friendships, Jesus, struggle, Jamaica…I try to be coherent and clear but sometimes my emotions are all tangled up in what I write so it may seem raw and intense….deal with it.  I try to be consistent but that too doesn’t always happen either because I’m busy or just don’t feel like blogging (read: emotions too tangled to get thoughts into coherent sentences)…but when I do blog it’s goood 🙂

This isn’t my first attempt at logging my thoughts on the internet…way back in the day I had one of those angel-fire type things.  But that didn’t take and I resorted to journaling or keeping my thoughts to myself.  In the past 5 years, however, I’ve been coming out of that shell and been more willing to blast my thoughts and opinions on the web.  This is particularly useful when letters to the editor don’t get published, or are published but edited.  I hate that.  So here I am in control and I like it.

O these are all original thoughts, opinions and expressions…I spend a lot of time thinking things through before I post and where attribution is warranted, it is given. So if you see something here that intrigues you and you’d like to share elsewhere be sure to respect my right of attribution. Or I’ll find out and likely find you. My words and thoughts are precious so don’t devalue them by stealing.

And yes, I actually drink cucumber juice and I love it.  No sugar just water and ginger.  It’s great.  You should try it before you make up your face and shake your head.

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