About Me

I’v recently completed law school…I’m a holder a brand spanking US$175,000 Juris Doctor degree…praise Jesus. I have worked in publishing too, which I really enjoyed and wouldn’t mind doing again.

But that’s not where my calling is.

I love my friends and some of my family and children and music and people and Jamaica and am focused on creating a home and life that I’m comfortable with. Mostly I keep to myself and am quiet…I like people and am a shy person…though I hear I’m intimidating. Go figure. Truthfully, I can’t abide BS and I’ll say so if asked or if it’s too glaring…so yeah, I’m not afraid to speak my mind. May come across strong but I’ll most certainly listen because I love to learn…my mind and my opinions are not static things.

Right now I’m trying to find my path in the world…I know that I want to be productive and work with ordinary people to have an equal place in this world.  That’s the only way I will be comfortable in this world.  How I’ll go about this? I have no clue.  But I’m working on it.

7 Responses to “About Me”
  1. shumpynella says:

    Something I learned about myself and I think it applies to you as well. I don’t think we are shy…I think we are reserved.

    PS. I can TOTALLY see you as a lawyer. Well, if not a trial one, certainly as someone with respect for the law, a crusader for justice with the desire to uphold what is right and challenge what isn’t, and all the other lovely things I wish lawyers would all be passionate about.

  2. Jada says:

    I like the blog Renee. Keep up the good work.

  3. petchary says:

    Just added you to the blogroll on my blog. Sorry to be so late in doing that… and thank you for adding me. I really enjoy all your posts, keep writing!

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