A baker’s dozen of things I have realized or been thinking about lately…

Defending “two likkle lizard” somehow gets you branded as elitist. Apparently caring about the environment and Jamaica’s development and the well-being of all Jamaicans — living near Goat Islands or not — immediately pits you against poor people. Badmind tun up!

Corruption is rewarded by…keeping your job. Are you a mayor who lied during an official investigation by a government body and who’s now charged with misleading said government body? No problem, keep your job! Are you an elected representative of a group of people charged with running a government ministry and who interferes in an official bidding project and whose interference is criticized by an official government body? No problem, keep your job! You keep your job! And you keep your job! And you keep your job!  I feel like I’m going mad.


Jamaica is exhausting and hazardous to your health if you care too much. Yet I still envy every Jamaican who’s made the decision to remain on or return to The Rock.

“Tun up” is overused but boy does it describe the current state of Jamaica.  JM$130 for US$1 by Christmas.

The problem is not any bus park. The problem is that young people are raising themselves. Parents: parent, which includes setting boundaries, teaching personal responsibility, and nurturing curiosity by providing a safe environment for your children to question, learn, be honest, and grow.  Teachers: teach, which is a lot more than regurgitating what’s in a book (Bible included) so nurture learning by providing an encouraging environment that facilitates independent thought as well as intellectual discipline.  ADULTS: set an example of good leadership and citizenship…grow up.

Apparently winter begins in October, freeze warning at all.

Keeping up on who 2 Chainz and his ilk are, and on whatever random phrase Drake is tossing around at the moment is beneficial for my tutoring experience. Major cool points.

Dancehall is dead. Too much repetition of old riddims…yes, repetition rather than paying homage to or being inspired by or simply sampling old riddims.  It’s pretty pathetic and it cheapens some damn good riddims in the cannon.  I think I even heard a tune recently featuring a DJ biting some of Zebra’s style.  Zebra.  Di ting nuh look good enuh.  Plus, how much brucking cocky, kotching, and 6:30-ing can a girl do?  How many badmind, backstabbing, grudgeful, hypocrite friends do you have?!  Might be time to check YOURSELF.  Reveling in mediocrity (though this is not limited to Dancehall).  From jail Kartel is winning this garbage race with a tune challenging school age children to be appropriate for school. Reminiscent, but not copying I might add, of Book, Book, Book.  Then again, art does reflect life…

nelson mandela quote on leadership

I might have a huge nerd crush on Greg Christie. The man has become a great resource on Twitter for global activity on corruption…and he continues to chime in on what’s happening in Jamaica regarding corruption, transparency, and accountability.  His focus and credibility are commendable and inspiring.  His intellect sparkles.  Ohmagawshakf;kfakflakflakf.

I’ve been re-watching TNG again (really, there’s no such thing as too much TNG) and find myself saying “that is illogical” a lot. Data’s influence.  I should be careful or contractions will disappear from my vocabulary.  But if I break out in Shakespearean monologue someone get me a drink and make me go for a walk.

Tessanne Chin is absolutely amazing. Her voice is a glorious bone-chilling gift.  So happy that she’s now showcasing that gift to the world. Very happy for her.  Now buy her singles performed on the show and be sure to vote when that begins.

20131027-015007.jpgToo many Jamaicans and people observing Jamaicans think that most Jamaicans are incapable of multitasking.  It’s like Jamaicans are part of some experiment, rats in a lab. So while Jamaicans are predictably going apeshit with pride over one of our own on the tellie, some are having a conniption about our priorities.  O bugger off!  Let “us” enjoy the moment…it’s one of the few points of light for many of “us” at the moment…and doesn’t necessarily indicate that all the troublesome matters are forgotten.  Where are you, critics, when many of these same jubilant Jamaicans are dodging potholes, tiefing police, tief, murderers, galloping JPS and NWC bills, and abusive bosses?  Where are you when they’re coping with an absent Prime Minister, lying politicians, inept employees and coworkers, ineffective teachers, and begging principals?   Where are you when Jamaicans are coping with their neighbours disappearing or screaming murder?  Believe me, Jamaicans are aware.  It is impossible for them to forget…daily life does not allow it.  So a few hours stolen time to watch The Voice or Scandal do not a clueless wayward populace make.  Recognize that Jamaica, despite its outspoken citizenry, does not have a (mainstream) political culture of activism or sustained protest.  Might be more effective for engaging and empowering Jamaicans to actually tackle the myriad issues pressing the country if you get off the high horse and leave the condescension at the door…. Be guided.

I’m worried about justice: access to it, trust in it, the administration of it…the future of it.

5 Responses to “[UNTITLED III]”
  1. nickmackjm says:

    So much of what you’ve said resonates with me; especially the part on young people raising themselves. Grandparents are in their 30s and parents in their teens – neither of these seem capable of raising well-rounded and well-adjusted children. Our parents need to be taught how to parent!

    Additionally, Mr Christie has certainly caught my attention as well 🙂 His Tweet this morning, “Introducing an appropriate ‘anti-corruption’ subject on school & university curricula in Jamaica to promote integrity would be a good idea.”, is so very true – I hope the Powers That Be take note of this; incorporating an anti-corruption subject on curricula could be the key to rebooting our value system! It may be ‘too late’ for some; but if we can make an impact on youth, our country may very well be an upstanding community well on its way to first-world status in another few decades!

  2. djmillerja says:

    “Too many Jamaicans and people observing Jamaicans think that most Jamaicans are incapable of multitasking. So while Jamaicans are predictably going apeshit with pride over one of our own on the tellie, some are having a conniption about our priorities. O bugger off! Let “us” enjoy the moment” dwl dwl – I get this all the time – why am I talking about something frivolous, because apparently all my time on air is to be spent talking about IMF and crime!!!!

  3. disturbedafterdark says:

    THREE CHEERS! *passes the rum* … you took it all right out of my head, Thank You.

  4. disturbedafterdark says:

    Reblogged this on K & J Take On The World and commented:
    I tend to avoid social commentary here because (1) my head might explode at the frustration of trying to express how I feel about the subject matter without prolific profanity; and (2) sometimes my friends just say what I’m thinking better than I would ever be able to… ladies and gents, please have a read…

  5. petchary says:

    I totally agree with all your thoughts, here. I think justice is a fundamental concern for Jamaica. I am not sure who the “condescending” people are – but we don’t ALL have to get excited about a talent show do we? (Having said that I think Tessanne has an awesome voice). I get excited about football…That’s MY bright moment. And yes I have a nerd crush on Mr. Christie too! So happy he is tweeting! Oh, and I doubt that Jamaica will ever have a culture of activism and sustained protest. We would rather sit on our verandahs.

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