Kellie Magnus and Telling Our Stories

Last weekend I chatted with Kellie Magnus about the recent Kingston Book Festival (KBF), the Caribbean publishing industry…and when we’ll be able to enjoy the next Little Lion book.  I’d wanted to chat with Kellie before KBF but as the event’s main coordinator Kellie was knee deep in final preparations for what turned out to be a … Continue reading

Engaging the Jamaican Diaspora – A Diaspora Youth Summit

Earlier today I had a brief exchange with a few people about “Brand Jamaica” and how resident Jamaicans should/could/do interact with the Jamaican Diaspora.  At various points in the exchange, and certainly at the beginning, I was annoyed at how I thought the Jamaican Diaspora was being referenced.  I am not a “mere” Ambassador; my … Continue reading

Grounding Myself in Confidence

It is a coincidence that I’m publishing this post on International Woman’s Day.  But, here it is, a bit of a ramble that I hope is helpful for other young women. This year I’ve decided to focus on my professional development and a part of that focus is attending events not just for the networking … Continue reading