Register to VOTE, and then VOTE!

My opinion on this is very clear: vote.  I don’t think sitting on the sidelines outside of the system does any real good.  I understand the protest aspect, the apathy, the disenchantment.  But I can’t condone voluntarily giving up this right of participation in society, a civic duty.  Take ownership.

With those thoughts in mind and the upcoming U.S. General Elections now only 43 days away…

Know the deadline for registration: these deadlines vary by state and are soon. Check on the location of your polling station: know where it is, make sure you know how to get there; don’t take it for granted that where it was last time is where you will go this time, or that you would have been notified of a change.  With any bureaucracy glitches happen…your notice could have been lost in the mail or be stuck at the bottom of someone’s “in box.”  Check that you’re registered to vote in your district.  Know who the candidates for office are and what they’re offering to you: check your local newspapers, check online for their websites, check their party’s platforms, check for independent analysis of their policies and positions, especially their voting records.  Start with the Washington Post’s tracker (it has records since 1991) or The Library of Congress’ Roll Call.  Are there ballot initiatives too? My TV is filled with advertisements about a ballot initiative regarding a casino…but I’m not depending on those ads and neither should you.  To Google! Just moved? Check on how to transfer your registration or how to vote by absentee ballot.  Know your state’s ID requirements: this is a hot topic this election year so go out on Election Day prepared; know what’s required of you and what isn’t.  Some state’s allow you to check the general layout or format of the ballot to be used, others may have a simulation of the electronic machines at the polling station.  Get familiar.

Tomorrow, September 25, is National Voter Registration Day in the U.S.  Volunteers will be out and about ready to help you get registered.  Take advanatage of these resources.  Click here to find a registration event near you.

Still can’t find the time tomorrow? Check below, find your State or Territory, click, read, act, share…

Alabama –

Alaska –

American Samoa –

Arizona –

Arkansas –

California –

Colorado –

Connecticut –

Delaware –

District of Columbia –

Florida –

Georgia –

Guam –

Hawaii –

Idaho –

Illinois –

Indiana –

Iowa –

Kansas –

Kentucky –

Louisiana –

Maine –

Maryland –

Massachusetts –

Michigan –,4670,7-127-1633_8716—,00.html

Minnesota –

Mississippi –

Missouri –

Montana –

Nebraska –

Nevada –

New Hampshire –

New Jersey –

New Mexico –

New York –

North Carolina –

North Dakota –

Northern Marianas Islands –

Ohio –

Oklahoma –

Oregon –

Pennsylvania – (via

Puerto Rico –

Rhode Island –

South Carolina –

South Dakota –

Tennessee –

Texas –

Utah –

Vermont –

Virginia –

Virgin Islands –

Washington –

West Virginia –

Wisconsin –

Wyoming –

2 Responses to “Register to VOTE, and then VOTE!”
  1. Sharifa says:

    Someone stopped by my apartment this weekend seeking to register folks…tis the season!

  2. JamaicanZ says:

    I will stand at attention and proudly place my vote.

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