Happy New Year (+ Top & My Favourite Posts)

Happy New Year!  Whether you do the resolutions thing or not, hope that you achieve your goals for 2012.

WordPress does this nifty thing where it sends a year-end summary for your blog.   Now that I’ve been with them for a full year, I finally got my own summary.  It’s really quite useful for deciding how to blog in the future – times and topics specifically.   I posted 48 times, which is about 4 per month but I know that some months were leaner than others.  One of my firm goals in 2012 is to be more consistent…which means putting myself on a manageable schedule for writing…this improved writing schedule will likely also involve the use of a yet-to-be determined Apple product (listen, I can’t hold out much longer!).

Thanks for reading my blog (most of you are from the U.S. but quite a few are from Jamaica and Canada too).  Thanks for sharing it with others.  Thanks for the comments.  Thanks for the feedback.   Keep reading, sharing, commenting…I appreciate it!

Most Viewed Posts

Guest Post | From the Mouth of a Matie May) – This post came to me by way of @mamchell (note: by way of, not by her!) and I’m not surprised that it was most popular.  As a friend likes to say: man and woman story always gets people chatting.  In this post, a confessed former matie (mistress for you non-Jamaican folk) candidly expresses her views and shares her experiences.  For reasons that I should not have to explain she requested to post anonymously, though folks later told me that they guessed who she is.

A Brief Note on Benz Punany/Punani (January) – The genesis for this post lies in some twitter banter I had with 2 friends that I made on twitter.  Yes, we’re still friends…and I hope that we’ll remain that way for years to come.  They are good men but they know how to push my buttons (and I let my buttons be pushed…sometimes) + they love to play devil’s advocate.  Most of all they’re honest about their views. As folks who follow me on Twitter may know or realize, there are just some things I take seriously and this topic was one of them so I was compelled to blog.  I laugh about it now…but I still hold fast to the views expressed.

Tragedy in Pictures (April) – Every so often world events that ostensibly have no connection to life to the countries where I either have lived or live now make a profound mark on me.  The events in North Africa and the Middle East that began in late 2010 and are still going on is an example of that.  This post was sparked by the death of 2 acclaimed photojournalists – those people who often share with us the horrors we can’t even imagine.  Meanwhile, events continue to unfold in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, and of course Egypt and Syria.  For now, Tunisia where it all began is calm; they’ve had elections and a democratically elected government…so far, so good for them and I hope it continues and is the norm for its neighbours.  Democracy may not be perfect but I believe it’s the best system of government that we have…gotta work with it!

Last Week’s News: A Year Later – Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica (May) – *sigh* Do I really need to explain?

My Jury Duty Experience – Day 1 (April) – The name says it all.  A really good experience, though.  Good to know that Maryland had an efficient system of criminal justice.

My Favourites…

Whenever I write it’s like a piece of me on display (ironically this explains why there are times I cannot write and the blog isn’t updated…).  So each post means a great deal to me but some posts – because of their content or subject matter – stand out.  Here are my favourites for 2011

All Shall Be Well (April) – Title taken from a Buju tune (O, Buju).  My day started out craptastically (yes, that’s my own word and I like it) but I hit the reset button?  Why? Because attitude is everything + I’m tired of letting too many external influences affect me so much.  Too many times it’s not worth it…and stress will kill yuh! So, all shall be well.

Remember Rwanda (April) – Learning about the 1994 Rwandan Genocide changed my life.  I never forget its “anniversary.”

Dancehall, Ah Wha Gwaan? (May) – Dancehall is near and dear to my heart.  Its current state is disheartening, to put it mildly.  More to come on this topic, working with my good friend @DjAutograph.

Somebody’s Grandma (June) – Because I got to use one of my favourite pictures of me and my Grandma.  Plus, I shared one of my favourite commuting activities: people watching and story spinning :).

October Series on Breast Cancer – Four posts, featuring 3 guests posts offering information and perspective on breast cancer…useful for mend and women.  I’m particularly proud of this series 🙂

Celebrate Jamaica: A Chat With the Juicy Chef, Jacqui Sinclair (October) – Jacqui is a lovely woman.  I hadn’t interviewed anyone in a while.  I felt something shift in me as she and I chatted, and again later as I wrote.  Proud of this, especially since it showcases really good things happening in Jamaica.

My Grandpa Speaks (November) – Well, I always talk about Grandma so it was nice for Grandpa to get some shine.

Make your 2012 the best it can be…thanks again for reading!


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