Amid the Cacophony…

I’ve been thinking about what to post today…so much trouble in the world and my spirit is disturbed by much of it.  There is a great noise in my head. Naturally I turned to music to calm me, distract me, inspire me, motivate me…to help me sort through all the competing thoughts.   I decided to choose a song or two to share for this post.  For some reason, I settled on Bounty Killer’s “Look.”  And then, last night, I decided what to post another song after reading about Dennis Brown in an article written by @JustSherman.

With all the chatter about Occupying [Place X] (aka the American Autumn…a dumb name if ever) being a useless joke that isn’t having much effect, the wondering about the next phase of the Arab Spring (this is better and more apt), and watching a Greek tragedy unfold and threaten a 60-year strong unification the central recurring questions seem to me: Do we need to change things? How do we change things? What is a revolution? What is the new normal? What does freedom look like? Who’s in charge? Who will lead? Who will sacrifice? What can I do? Can I make it until tomorrow?  Something’s gotta give, right? Is Herman Cain for real? What the hell is going on?  The Crown Prince’s “Revolution” just seems apt…

Folks are just plain frustrated…so much pressure, so much burden.  Why Bounty? As it was when this song was first came out I find it to be a fantastically powerful sermon on how things are for many and how they could be for so many more…choices and circumstances.  Eleven years later it’s as if this was written and released yesterday.  (Quite by coincidence, I found a the video features clips from City of God, Tsotsi, Shottas, Life and Debt, and Roll Deep Badman  set to “Look.”)

3 Responses to “Amid the Cacophony…”
  1. The Blind must be Led, the Hungry Must be Fed… timeless reminder from Mr Bounty- modern day prophet in spite of himself;). Incidentally, Tsotsi & City of God were two of the most thought provoking films I’ve seen, I think. Definitely bring up the age old issues of injustice & the war between the haves & have-nots…

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