Celebrate Jamaica: Diane Browne, Kellie Magnus, and Sean Paul

Author Diane Browne, dancehall star Sean Paul, and author Kellie Magnus

In The Happiness Dress Jamaican children’s author Diane Browne tells the story of a special present for Carolyne from Aunt Inez.  The Happiness Dress is delightful, fun, and vivid.  I easily imagined Carolyne wearing her pretty dress and…nope! Go read the story!  For her work, Ms. Brown earned the 2011 Commonwealth Foundation Special Prize in the “Story for Children” category (scroll to the end of the page).   Thanks @kelliemagnus for tweeting this wonderful news.  Kellie is also an author.  She writes the Little Lion series of books and often tweets about book, publishing, and literacy issues in Jamaica and the Caribbean.  Actually one of the first books about Jamaican life that my oldest nephew received was Kellie’s “Little Lion Goes to School.”  And, of course, I also gave him “Little Lion At Bat“…cricket, lovely, cricket!

Yay for reading…and yay for Sean Paul!  SP seems to be back with “Got 2 Luv U” featuring Alexis Jordan.  Him fin’ it!  It’s been a little while since SP had an international hit so it’s good to see this song making waves and be accompanied by a hot video.  My favourite Sean Paul will always be “Babygirl” and his earlier chunes were vital for my college survival but this latest one is pretty good too.  By the way, SP didn’t always have a mohawk (which is growing on me) or canerows…check out @DJAutograph‘s recent piece about SP’s first music video appearance.

p.s. thanks to my personal graphic designer for helping me with the pix for this post 🙂

7 Responses to “Celebrate Jamaica: Diane Browne, Kellie Magnus, and Sean Paul”
  1. Jan Tucker says:

    Congratulations to Diane! I have passed along the good news about your award to the Creative Writing Club on campus at Guilford Technical Community College in Greensboro, North Carolina. Here in the southern states, we especially appreciate writers and love short stories.

    Congratulations to all creative writers, performers, and those who keep us all in the sharing loop.

    God bless!

  2. Shumpynella says:

    Thanks for the updates – I am proud of my ppl. Congratulations all around! My next visit to Ja will include a visit to Sangsters/Kingston Book Shop and the UWI bookstore. I need to get in touch w more than just sandals 🙂 and food when I visit home.

  3. Yasmine says:

    I had to comment on this one! :p Sean Paul frees me up of all shyness! Yes it felt great to have him back on the International spotlight, his Tomahawk Technique album will be dropping this month (September) in the U.S (the album was realeased in like February mostly in europe, France namely, I still don’t understand why all this gap in time regarding the places :/ Oh well).
    So this “mixed” (many genres of music) album is a great piece of work. I don’t know if I’m entitled to say that but I’m so very proud of Sean Paul 🙂

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