Travel Memories: Brugge, Belgium

This is really a mini-post brought on by the steady rain here in the DC Metro area – first Hurricane Irene and now Tropical Storm Lee.  I’ve been trudging around town in water boots, and today, my trench coat.  I wish it were Spring leading to Summer but alas…  Anyway, I’m reminded of the all too brief time that I spent I spent in Brugge.  As is unfortunately the case with me at the tail end of much travel, I was sick.  Bronchitis again.  Ugh.  I flew into Brussels (a cold, efficient looking city in my opinion) where I spent one night in a very modern looking hotel suite.  I slept like a baby after a warm bath and taking a dose Belgium’s equivalent of Buckley’s.  The next morning I was off to the train station for the 2 hour or so journey into Brugge.  At the time it was Spring and rainy and chilly…by the time I arrived in Brugge, I knew that my umbrella and jacket would be constant companions.

Brugge (that’s the Flemish, in English & French it’s Bruges) is a small medieval town on the North Sea, Belgium’s west coast.  It’s a lovely town and very small.  At one point it was an important transshipment point between northern and southern Europe for the cloth trade.   Its buildings are moslty Gothic and very well preserved…with the exception of the commercial parts (H&M, lace  and chocolate sellers and the like) it looks like you’ve stepped back into time.

The Royal Stewart.

My bed and breakfast was run by Maggie, a Scottish expat who ensured that I was up and had breakfast, especially since she knew that I was sick…a very kind, motherly lady with a beautiful home.  My room was very bright and comfy…more sleeping like a baby after wandering around the city and simply taking it all in…

Usually I’m not a fan of blue rooms or wall paper but this design definitely suited the home.

First bit of shopping…including chocolate (I’m just now working on the last of my truffles *sniffle*)


After I dropped my things off, I simply walked around, up and down cobblestone streets…it was damp and chilly but after travelling all that way I wasn’t going to sit around doped up in my room…plus I was only there for two days, one night…it’s a really easy walking town, very quiet…no one bothered me…

Narrow streets, old buildings…

See that sky? Heh. The North Sea is thattaway...

Toward the centre of town - the Market Square...where the church is, of course...

A busy time of year for the Brugge - Easter. The Church of Our Lady that houses Michelangelo's Madonna and Child is in Brugge.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the famous painting (the crowds, time constraints)…but Brugge is on my “must revisit” list so I will see it before long…

If you’re ever in Bruges, go here for your chocolate. Really good quality handmade chocolate!

I don't remember where in Brugge this is but I like this sculpture...

I really enjoyed this trip…it was well needed down time for me.  I felt welcome in Brugge and unfortunately it was too short…but then it was on to Amsterdam!

One Response to “Travel Memories: Brugge, Belgium”
  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    I just love old buildings, cobblestone streets, and the stories behind them. I love history! Looks like a great place, perhaps in the Summer. I don’t like rain EVERYDAY!

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