Guest Post | Let’s Get Nostalgic

So this week’s Guest Post comes from Lauria, otherwise known as @experienceaurie; he blogs at Experience Aurie.  Aurie’s post fits in with the heaps personal reminiscing I do here though this post is more lighthearted…and dang he reached for JA$2 bill! I remember getting that as lunch money.  Times sure have changed.  By the way, I still have many cassettes; they have a lot of my oldies Dancehall…great music to accompany cleaning or a cooking spree:)  Enjoy.
Thank you AC for allowing me the opportunity to grace the beautiful blog pages that is CucumberJuice.  It is certainly as refreshing as advertised.   This time around, I’d love to hear from you all about something that we tend to do as we get older… Reminisce.  :::sigh:::

Use the comment section below to share your nostalgic memories.  Let’s take it way back.  Here are some images that are sure to bring back memories…

The Jamaican $2 bill featuring Paul Bogle (National Hero) and the Doctor Bird on one side and a group of school children on the other.

What could you buy with this?

The Ford Avenger.

TDK? BASF? Sony?

How many cassettes did you have to manually rewind and how many buss on you? O, recorded music from the radio? C’mon, you know you did.

Before there were cell phones, there were pagers and beepers....

 Can you imagine living with just this now?

The original Nintendo console, the NES.

 What was your addiction — Mario Bros? Tetris? Duck Hunt? Zelda? How many cartridges did you have to blow into to make them work?

5 Responses to “Guest Post | Let’s Get Nostalgic”
  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    LORDY! That $2 bill makes me wanna cry…lmao. Why? Just wow, I’m remembering my childhood…buying icy mint or skyjuice, a bag of cheese trix, busta sweetie, khaki button…lmao…the good ol’ days.

  2. Aurie says:

    Thanks once again for posting AC. Remember those days when the JA$ was about $8 to $1 US$ ??? *quivering bottom lip* – Mek mi stop before mi start one piece ah cow bawling!!

  3. shumpynella says:

    Cow bawling indeed! Darn shame 😦

    I remember asham, suck suck, cherry milk bag juice, and Lime Tree Lane 🙂

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