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The latest Guest Post to grace these pages comes from @shumpynella who runs the elegant blog, Tidbits.  I echo many of her sentiments the key departure for me being the searches, at the airports in particular.  Her main point, though, I agree with. Those pictures of a dead Osama bin Laden should not be released…neither should dead Saddam Hussein & his sons have been released.  Even in death the most evil of people deserve a modicum of dignity.  To afford them that speaks much of us the living.  As always, comments and feedback welcome.


“When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite”

– Sir Winston Churchill

I cannot say for a second that I understand how those who lost loved ones on 9/11  or those whose loved ones lost their lives fighting for my freedom felt.   There was nothing polite about how they were murdered.

I do know how I felt on 9/11 and how I feel about terrorism – the fear, the sorrow, the anger, apprehension, confusion…too many emotions to name. All bottled up.   I thought I’d have to go back home – I felt like the world had ended.  I guess it did in some ways.

I for one do not complain about additional searching at the airport.  Search us all.  I don’t even mind the intrusive security measures in place.  I have a healthy respect for life – mine and yours.

I do recognize everyone does not feel the same.  They hate us and have no respect for our lives.  Because we live and work here.  Because we are Americans.  They hate even our allies. Remember the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Kenyan embassy bombing, the USS Cole attack, the 2005 tube attacks in London, and  the 2004 Spain bombings “inspired by al-Qaeda.”  This movement of terror is pure evil.  These terrorists rejoice in death and demise, and wish only further destruction.

I want the threat removed. I am grateful there are Americans (and others in the world) willing to fight for this.  I am eternally indebted for whatever safety I have – I recognize and appreciate the sacrifice.

I recognize the symbolism of the death of Osama Bin Laden. I can’t begin to imagine what it means to all Americans and people across the world, especially to those who lost friends and family connected with terrorism. I for one am relieved his influence is no more but recognize we are far from free of the threat of terrorism. Others are reacting in a variety of ways – some I can’t condone, but it is an emotional time for us all.  A close friend mentioned that some of the celebrations on the streets of America this past Sunday night into Monday morning reminded her of 9/11 celebrations seen across the Middle East back in 2001…she is oh too accurate.

That said, I do not want an image or video or any such depiction of his death on my computer or TV screen.  To kill someone then broadcast images of their death is sick and sadistic – we are fighting the terrorists, we are not terrorists. Once that information is released here, I imagine it will be available worldwide.  Seems like something the very terrorists we are fighting would do.

“It is well that war is so terrible.  We should grow too fond of it.”
-Robert E. Lee

5 Responses to “Guest Post | War”
  1. Mamachel says:

    In full agreement

  2. petchary says:

    I completely agree with all of the above. I thought what President Obama said about not parading the photos like “trophies” made sense (although at first I thought the photos should be released)… And can you imagine once they went round on the Internet a couple times? It wouldn’t be right and it is undignified. I also want to point out that al Qaeda was responsible for the deaths of thousands of other nationalities besides Americans (even on 9/11). I met the families of some of the Jamaican victims. Plus hundreds of Africans in the Nairobi and Tanzania Embassy bombings which he claimed responsibility for. As Obama said, bin Laden was a “mass murderer of Muslims,” above all… You chose two very good quotes.

    • Shumpy says:

      Thank you for commenting – esp for the additional info (what wickedness) & reminder of how many people were affected by his evil. That statement about him being a mass murderer of Muslims highlights how pointless terrorism is…

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