All Shall Be Well…

Click play…listen while you read 🙂

Yep, this just about captures my morning...

This morning was unpleasant. I had a bad Thursday night’s sleep punctuated by an awful dream about a high school classmate.  So I awoke a little shaken (I don’t usually remember my dreams or that I’ve dreamed so yeah, I was disturbed). Then during my commute I was further agitated.  I’m already mulling over quite a bit and struggling a little with those thoughts & decisions so hot damn, this was not the way I wanted to begin my morning, and certainly not the weekend.  AND I’m generally not a morning person. Grr!  Altogether I was getting peeved. Thankfully I’d chosen a 2004/2005 Renaissance culture mix at the beginning of my commute.  By the time I was about to drop deep into my doldrums Buju & Sizzla’s “All Shall Be Well” began to play.  The title refrain rung in my head & the lively beat perked me up.  I pressed the RESET button for my morning & weekend by putting the song on repeat. I think that God spoke and acted: all shall be well.

It’s not surprising to me that music yanked me back to a place of gratitude.  I’ve been around music all my life, whether it was my uncle blasting “Pass the Kushumpeng” on a Saturday morning (and being told by Grandma to turn it down!) or going to Saturday evening choir practice with Grandma.  I learned to appreciate music early (and to make up lyrics too by turning the hymn “He will hold me fast” to “He will hold my feet” 🙂  I boggled Grandma’s mind for a bit but she got a good laugh out of it I’m told).

So from me to you after pressing RESET & making it through the day in a mostly positive and grateful frame of mind: all shall be well.

Happy Friday & have a fantastic, fabulous weekend.

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  1. […] All Shall Be Well (April) – Title taken from a Buju tune (O, Buju).  My day started out craptastically (yes, that’s my own word and I like it) but I hit the reset button?  Why? Because attitude is everything + I’m tired of letting too many external influences affect me so much.  Too many times it’s not worth it…and stress will kill yuh! So, all shall be well. […]

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