Travel Memories: Paris, France

I’ve finished cooking dinner but I’m not ready to eat (it’s too early).  So between watching basketball and chatting to a few friends my mind wandered to food.  My mind meandered over to memories of food I had in Paris when I visited in Summer 2008.  It was a fantastic experience though I was sick (too many planes & trains in a short space of time) but when in Europe, go to as many countries as you can!  I arrived in Paris in late July and promptly got lost trying to find my hotel.  Figured out their subway system and found the stop by the hotel just fine but could I find the hotel?! When I finally did find the hotel I realized that I’d been walking around and past it for over an hour…cho.  Once I settled in I went walking…

My first long look at the Eiffel Tower.

It’s quite magnificent in person.  Anyway, I walked around finally having my bearings and then went to buy some water + snacks (found the local supermarket) and then to get something to eat because as is often the case with me, I was hungry 🙂  I found this really quiet cafe right by my hotel and stopped in…

Bacon wrapped asparagus with shaved Parmesan. I can still taste this almost 3 years later. I had it with bread and sparkling water…nothing else was needed.

Yeeesss, yesss!!

This beautiful creature wanted some of my food. I almost gave in…but the owner of the cafe said no.

After that bit of delight I went back to my hotel room to figure out the internet (the French keyboard especially) and how to use my phone (the folks in Jolly Ol’ England needed to know that I’d arrived OK) and then flicked on the TV.  Why was “Run’s House” on dubbed in French? I found CNN and some music channels and soon knocked out…did I mention I was sick?  Had a good sleep and was off on my Parisian adventure bright and early the next morning.  First must-see spot: the Eiffel Tower

We’re in the EU now!

I climbed almost to the top (didn’t go to the tip though I could) and enjoyed some magnificent views…

The city for romance…

Champ de Mars
Almost at the top….

I stayed up there for some time just walking around and staring off into the distance.  It was a soul lifting experience.  Took the elevator down when – you guessed it – I got hungry…

After climbing the Eiffel Tower I was H-U-N-G-R-Y. So crepes it was 🙂
Cutie pies making crepes. They moved quickly (thank God) and skilfully.
A savory crepe – it was filled with cheese. A lot of cheese but it still tasted good and filled me up. I sat by the Seine to devour and then went walking by the Seine…

Considered taking a boat ride but didn’t want some tour guide screeching in my ears…didn’t want to be scrunched with a bunch of folks on holiday.  So I opted for a walk.  I walked for such a long leisurely time…

A small stop to take it all in…

…all the way to the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe and the Musee d’Orsay, past the Petit Palais and other magnificent building, gardens, statues…

Mr Churchill. The inscription on the base reads: “We shall never surrender. Winston Churchill. Londres Le Juin 1940”
Mr. Bolivar
The National Assembly of France, where the lower house sits.

By the end of the day I was pooped but when I got back to my hotel, I asked the lady at the front desk where in the area she likes to go for dinner. That’s where I finished my first full day in Paris…


Dinner began with an amuse-bouche – a simple mushroom soup. Listen, after years of watching Top Chef it was great to finally have one in person and THIS I can still taste. It was phenomenal.
French onion soup. I haven’t been able to have it since because I’m afraid that’ll spoil the memory of this soup. Just the right amount of cheese and bread and top & a perfect amount of salt.
A stew of beef, mushroom, and potatoes. Very comforting, very tasty.

Now I’m ready for my dinner.

The End.

10 Responses to “Travel Memories: Paris, France”
  1. shumpynella says:

    haha now, everyone is ready for dinner! I love how your plate looks sparkly clean in that last pic – my first thought was she really loved whatever was on it 🙂

  2. Corve says:

    I’d love to visit one day.

  3. Emma Lewis says:

    Wonderful post! It brought back many memories of my first trip to Paris. My husband was working so I wandered around alone for a week, exploring. The Parisians are not at all friendly (apart from the immigrants, the Africans and especially the Tunisians/Moroccans/Algerians) but it was a great experience. I have a terrible fear of heights so I didn’t do the Eiffel Tower… nor the boat trip – ugh, tour guides. I remember the Ile de la Cite, looking at the plaques on the walls of houses where famous writers lived, etc… So nice to just walk around quietly. Thanks for this, great photos and… well, the FOOD!! God, could I eat one of those crepes!!

    • Aww thanks Emma! I’m so glad that it brought back equally delightful memories for you. It was a great experience for me to be able to walk around quietly. Thankfully the people I interacted with were friendly but the most fun. I had with a Parisian was when I went shopping. The shop attendant was a really nice girl who convinced me to buy 2 dresses *grin*

      You can have the crepes, I’ll have the soup!

  4. Ms. Nikks says:

    It’s not even dinner time here right now and I’m starved thanks to you! Lmao…I’m also inspired to look for tickets to France. Where did you stay?

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