Travel Memories: Praha, Czech Republic

I recently took a long train trip…a good 6 hours one way.  It brought back memories of Summer 2008 when I was studying in Kraków, Poland. On our weekend off (4th of July) I headed to Praha (Prague) in the Czech Republic to visit my friend who was also  studying.  I had a great time in Praha (though some of the people are downright shady, unpleasant & standoffish to folks with melanin) + the train ride there was memorable…travelling through Europe by train was something I’d only ever read about and savoured in the pockets of my imagination.  Actually doing it was really fun…if you have the opportunity to travel through Europe and explore I highly recommend it!!

Less typing, more picture sharing….scroll at your leisure and click for larger images (will open in a new window)…


Dworzec Glowny - the train station in Kraków. Ready to begin my 8 hour journey to Prague.

Praha here I come! With stops in the south of Poland and a few towns in the Czech Republic.

All aboard! It looks kinda communist...reminds me of a Lada for some reason: well-used, made strong, and just plain practical. But it was a clean and really cool ride to Praha.

Had to try the dining car...couldn't find a pic of what I ate but I think it was breakfast food: eggs, juice, toast. Tasty. And I had a lovely view of a hottie also travelling by train 🙂

OK for 8 hours it wasn't the most comfortable trip but nothing gets in the way of me sleeping! Plus it was raining, and I was able to curl which called for reading and sleep. So read & sleep I did.

Praha - It is a beautiful city. My first glimpse as the train rolled into the city.

The Polish countryside is lush and beautiful...but once we crossed into Czech it was noticeable. There's something fresher about the Poland that I saw...CZ is just so Eastern Europe and tired/weary looking.

the astronimical clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj is a medieval astronomical clock in Praha's Old Town Square. It dates back to 1410.

One of Praha's many churches. Gothic architecture is all over the place. This church was massive and undergoing renovations; was impossible to capture it all in one shot...

...massive but so beautiful. They're strictly tourist attractions and reminders of the past, though, not places of worship.

Praha. Beautiful Praha - we climbed up to see the city from the hill. It really is quite beautiful. SO amazing to see a place I'd only seen flash by on a movie screen.

Walking around the city - and walk I did. This is Charles Sqaure or bridge. An undoubtedly magnificent city. if only the people were as magnificent! (Long story.)

Crossing the was so crowded. CZ has no problem with attracting tourists.

Listen I was a travelling student...McDonald's is everywhere & it cheap + quick! And it was hard to communicate 'no onions.' Funny, with all the walking I did that summer, gained no weight; I lost some though + got toned.

Partying in Praha at Radost. The absinthe made me do it...and yes, I was feeling the DANCEHALL being played. Ja is worldwide, make no mistake.

Weekend done! Time to head back to Krakow...I travelled back overnight so got a sleeping bunk. It was really comfortable and it was great to sleep to the rhythm of the train. Couldn't help but think about "Murder on the Orient Express" though 🙂

This sign for the emergency exit cracks me up *shakes head* run, not walk for yo life!!

The End.  Goodnight.

11 Responses to “Travel Memories: Praha, Czech Republic”
  1. A nice account of your trip to Prague, it reminded me of my weekend there in 2005.

  2. shumpynella says:

    Thanks for sharing…me likey! Ahmm, so when will we get the tale of the not so magnificent people in Praha?

    • That’s for another time and possibly off the air…briefly: they’re just cold, man. Compared to Krakow where the most was children looking at me and my hair but being so open, Prague folk are faaaar more standoffish….some racist behaviour too with the friend I was visiting.

  3. Emma Lewis says:

    I adore traveling by train! I recall long European train rides when I was a student and could get discounts. In the UK it is horrendously expensive… The most recent train ride I did was San Francisco to Monterey, California… a fascinating trip. The line which has great viewing cars with lots of windows runs from LA up to Vancouver along the west coast. Would love to do the whole trip one day…

    • Wow that west coast train ride sounds amazing…the views must be stunning. I have this strong desire to visit Seattle and see the Pacific ocean so a trip down the coast via train would be doable. I love the train myself, wish we had them in Jamaica because I would enjoy going around the island that way.

  4. Emma Lewis says:

    I am afraid racism is fairly widespread in Eastern Europe. I suspect it comes partly from being “closed off” behind the iron curtain for decades, while the rest of Europe was at least trying to move on. That sad, South East France is stunningly beautiful but also scarily right wing/extremist.

    • Yes , Eastern Europe is still adjusting to being open I think. It really is quite homogeneous. Thing is, when I was in Krakow I had no trouble at all (except children who just stared before their embarrassed parents dragged them away…I chalked that up to curiosity)…but I also saw a few black folks from countries in Africa who lived there (embassies & consulates) + interracial couples on vacation. Perhaps I wasn’t so strange looking after all…my hair did get some looks though LOL.

      I’ve heard fab things about the south of France and would love to visit. So many travel plans, a little at a time *dances around in excitement*

  5. Ms. Nikks says:

    Gorgeous pictures. I feel you on the dancing one, Jamaican music is everywhere isn’t it! Yes we are worldwide!

    I want to travel to Europe, but I’m not sure about certain places. It’s sucks that we have to think about race when we travel and how we’ll be accepted. #NOTFAIR!

    • Thanks, Nikks. Ja is really worldwide; I love it.

      Europe for the most part is fun and safe to travel to…as Emma and I noted above, Eastern Europe can be dodgy but go with friends or stick to the main cities and tourist spots if you’re solo. There’s lots to see in western Europe too and I’ve found them more friendly and accessible (English speaking). GO! GO! GO! GO! AND TAKE LOTS OF PIX!! 🙂

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