A Sunday Evening Grammar Game

Who knew one could have so much with homophones?  Well on Twitter just about anything is possible, and yesterday I had some fun with my Twitter friends (who I’ll call twiends since I don’t really like the “follower” terminology) when I asked who could make  to make a sentence using vein, vane, and vain.  Yes, proper grammar is “who is able to make a sentence” but it’s OK, I and you can live with can.  I got some really cool responses.  Mostly it was just great silly fun. Gosh I’m such a nerd but I loves it!!  So, I thought I’d share and keep the fun going for whomever was interested…

Actually the first time I saw this kind of invitation go out on Twitter was a few weeks ago with @marlonmusique wondering who was able to use hear, here, and hair in one sentence.  I came up with: Did you hear that I was here to style my hair?  Still makes me giggle.

So @sutra_kg (whose avatar is wicked) prompted me to get things going on vein/vane/vain and I did with: As I sat staring at the weather vane I wondered if the vein my neck was pulsing visibly; or was I being vain about showing my discomfort? Man I feel like writing a short story beginning like that – it just makes me think pensive and eerie.  Thereafter, my twiends and soon my Facebook folks joined in the fun.  Later on Facebook I also came up with: My anxiety turned out to be in vain though I was frightened when the end of the feather vane pricked my wrist vein, since, thankfully only a small point of blood appeared. (That comma usage looks suspect, actually.  O well.)

Here’s what else people came up with:

@shumpynella/Shar via Facebook (she was wading through some biostatistics homework): I need some coffee/caffeine inserted directly into one of my veins because I am losing concentration and that cannot be lest all the hours I put in doing my homework be in vain (been doing this all mawnin!). Erhmmm, pass me the weather vane? Don’t worry she worked it the words into ONE sentence later on.

@kerriberri23: chimed in with: In that same vein, I think you would be trying in vain if you thought a wind vane could work here.

@carybbeancee: The weather vane was a beauty; more beautiful than the vain Countess whose varicose veins made her appearance rather odd.

@DawnieJae: Something soothing about staring @ the wind vane, calmed the rage flowing thru ma vein as I recalled the stinging pain of being called ‘vain’.  Yes, girl, I did have us in school on a Sunday but it was a great and short class!

Shar again: Your efforts are in vain, I’d rather jam a dull needle in my vein than help you write a book on the history of weather vanes. Then later: Shar, so angry the veins in her temple pulsed heavily, yelled at the imbecile who broke her weather vane to aid in the vain hope of flying a kite.

Then @sutra_kg finally joined in with: Looking at the weather vane while I wait in vain on this nurse to find my vein.

@marshallist: The broken weather vane sliced the vein on my face and now I weep b/c I’m so vain.

David, via Facebook, decided to be fresh with me: I think making people try to use vain, vein and vane in a sentence is the epitomy of idleness.  Actually so was @Dr_C_LYEW: Smarty u just did lol RT @cucumberjuice: can anyone use vein, vain, and vane in a sentence? That I did, sir, that I did.

Of course it’s idleness! But like but it’s also silly fun 🙂

Later on David dropped this gem that I really couldn’t help but giggle at: The vain vein thought his swag was so powerful that it could only be measured by a swag vane.

Patrice, also via Facebook: Frustrated, she screamed in vain; the veins in her temple pumping blood full throttle as her thoughts swirled like a weather vane caught in a tornado.

But @nigel_thomas‘ sentence was great: While vain and posing on the roof, I slipped and grabbed the vane, slicing a vein in my hand. Hands down this one was the best!  As @marshallist said, the imagery is awesome! Priceless.

Drop a comment below using this homophone combination, or any other that you come up with.  C’mon, don’t be afraid to let down your hair here…and I can hear you chuckling 😀

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