Are you a volunteer?

Ok so I’ve thinking a lot lately about volunteering and volunteer activities.  I’m interested in finding out what you think about this topic so please click the little button below and fill in the answer.


Remember that questions marked with a * are required.  This won’t take you more than 3 minutes!

I’ll share the results in a couple of months, hopefully along with information on a project that I have in mind.

13 Responses to “Are you a volunteer?”
  1. Carole-Anne says:

    I’ve been thinking of volunteering as well… and I actually started looking up places where I could volunteer, unfortunately, I haven’t done much more. I love volunteering though. I used to do it a lot in Trinidad and Jamaica.

  2. danboogy says:

    I would love to volunteer honestly…i did a lot in high school and unfortunately life got in my way and i just put it on the back-burner, which is awful.

    • Yeah I definitely understand that…life kinda does get in the way. Would it help if there were projects available that still allowed you to make a meaningful but were shorter time commitments? And information about all these projects readily available so you could plan ahead?

  3. Aurie says:

    I did so much community service up until college and then fell off like a brick unfortunately. I’ve done habitat for humanity, soup kitchens, church sponsored activities, etc. Now, Kiva is my thing. There is also a really good series about social responsibility on itunes university. I learned about Kiva from an old buddy from High School, but I really learned a lot about micro-lending & micro-finance doing my own research. I have to get back into the groove and become as active as I once was, but in the mean time, Kiva has been a nice platform to help empower people. My ultimate goal is to have a career/profession that has comfortable time requirements in order to allow for the rest of my time spend on more worthwhile activities instead of paper chasing.

  4. Reneé says:

    Survey doesn’t work on ios devices. Bad wordpress. I’ll try to remember it when I’m back home on my computer.

    Coincidentally right now I’m watching my little sister (from big brother big sisters association of America) at the pool. I’ve had her for a few years and got her when I felt like there had to be more to my life than just working and partying. But now I wonder if it’s just cheap – all I do is pick her up, spoil her for a few hours and drop her back at home. Like is that really doing anything?

    • O yeah, I remember you telling me about her. I think you may not see the benefits of the relationship immediately or even within the next year. But I think having this relationship with you – a Jamaican (black) engineer – will be well worth the while. It seems it would only be cheap if you forgot about her or spent time with her when convenient for you, as in when it is meant to make you look good, and that doesn’t seem like the relationship you have.

      Sorry about the poll…and is polldaddy fault! :p

  5. Ms. Nikks says:

    I volunteered in high school and before I started college. Haven’t done anything since then. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and I’m going to look into it tomorrow. You’ve inspired me!

    • I am glad! It amazes me how hard it is to stick with volunteering once work begins…especially odd because I think that’s when it’s most necessary for us to be giving back in some way. Good luck finding an opportunity that suits you.

  6. CJ says:

    Volunteering – I have been involved with the Jamaican Geographical Society; the Staff Association’s Outreach programme with Salvation Army’s Blind Senior cititzens and Holiness Christian Church’s After-School Homework programme which was a great reality check.

    Now I am actively involved with a credit union in this neck of the woods (served or serving on various committees) as well as performing the role of mentor for a young business person. Mentoring is nuff work but its interesting and rewarding and it keeps me in touch with my small business development interests.

    Its important to give of your time, talent and treasure. Having benefited from ‘free’ secondary and tertiary education in the 70’s (thanks to Michael Manley), I have to find ways to give of my 3 Ts, you know pass it on.
    Find your passion and make the time to be a volunteer.

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