New York, New York

skyscrapers somewhere in new york city

I used to work in one of those buildings and it was a great job with phenomenal people who were supportive and kind to a kid in her first job out of colege.  But somehow living in New York, New York began to wear on and overwhelm me.  It was not where I wanted to be and so I began to resent it.  I felt guilty for having that resentment – here I was in the city of making dreams happen and wanted desperately to get out.  So I couldn’t enjoy all the many things New York, New York has to offer.

Funny, in the past 3 weeks I have visited and stayed in New York, New York for longer than I had the previous 3 years – I just had to stay away and see the city from afar and get rid of all the resentment and guilt.  Now I’m considering moving back for work and I’m not repulsed.  Just have to figure out if it’s the right move for me, and then deal with the hows and whys of doing it.

work work work

These cabs never stop.  Go go go go go go go like the city and most of people in it.

it was hot, he had to change this shirt

I wish he’d sat beside me on the bus ride back to D.C.  What a lovely specimen…don’t see this in D.C. much if at all.

only a moment later

Another batch go go go go go.

3 Responses to “New York, New York”
  1. mamachel says:

    Nice.. move there again so I can visit when I come up 😀

  2. LOL. I’ll factor this into my decision, of course!

  3. shumpynella says:

    hahaha…can’t wait to have you back in the tri-state 🙂

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