On the Passing of Michael Jackson

Boy, I don’t even know where to begin. Yes he’s just a man and I didn’t idolize him but I did recognize, respect, and appreciate his talents. We weren’t family but I do feel quite saddened by his passing. My cousin said it best: mi neva t’ink him coulda dead? My other friend said she’s jus’ waiting for Ashton to come out and tell us that we’re all being punked. Freal, it is a shock and a humbling and reflective one.

What is it about him that made many of us think he was immortal, when we’re all humans!? He is one of those who did try to use his music, his talents for good in the world – “We are the World,” “Earth Song,” “Black and White,” “Man in the Mirror” – and that’s more than most of us can say. Serious, the video for “Man in the Mirror” makes me tear up every damn time!! It’s playing now on BET and at a time when I’m trying to figure out where the I’m going with my life and what to do with it, I’m especially moved. (By the way, check how both MTV and BET are back to playing music videos! It does seem fitting since he’s the one who broke out the first real music video, “Thriller.”) I remember stopping whatever I was doing when JBC rolled out the vid for “We are the World” and finally learning about the impetus behind the song and jus’ being moved. He influenced many – JT, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Alien Ant Farm, Madonna, MC Hammer, to name a few – and they are, in my opinion, better for it.

I’ll admit, Michael Jackson was weird. He was eccentric yet gifted. Apparently troubled where children were concerned but seemed to be such a kind-hearted and giving person. He was a true artist who was in tune with the world and tried to communicate that through his music. I won’t pretend that sometimes I wasn’t shaking my head in dismay at this actions or appearance but my inner voice, my conscience always pricked me to remember that he was a man who had issues. He was a person with issues, just like all of us but he had to live out those issues in public since the age of 5. FIVE!! Most of us get to deal with our shit in private, behind a locked door or in front of a chosen few whom we trust. He never had that luxury at all and for that I must have empathy. Even when his body seemed ravaged with the damage he inflicted on it, folks made fun of him and his “new skin colour” but he was remembered as a gifted person first – not as a black person. His talents and influence transcended race in a century when we had apartheid and were still dealing with the vestiges of slavery. Wow. Wow.

At 50 years old he should be embarking on a new chapter of his life. My parents are jus’ over 50!!! Hell, I’m only about 20 years short of 50 myself? Another friend was saying that are we just working so hard now towards that “something” but are we just going to drop dead after all those accomplishments? After the great thing that we do for our community are we going to just God? True, only God knows our time so I have to put my trust in Him that He will take me when the time is right. Doesn’t stop me from shaking a bit though and wondering jus’ when that will. Jah know, this has forced me to be even more determined to sort out this heart/mind battle and plan my way forward!

R.I.P Michael Jackson. I will miss you – yes, somehow I feel as if a part of my childhood, my innocence has died. I don’t know why I feel that way but I do.

mood: somber yet glad because another soul is at peace now, I hope
sounds: “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson

One Response to “On the Passing of Michael Jackson”
  1. Shumpy says:

    Heal the world, make it a better place, for you & for me and the entire human race. There are people dying, if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me…Oh baby, give me one more chance, won't you please let me back in your heart. O darling I was blind to let you go…You and I must make a pact. We must bring salvation back. Where there is lo-o-o-o-ove then I'll be there. I'll hold out my hand to you, I'll have faith in all you do-o-o, where there is lo-o-o-o-ove then I'll be there…(yelling & ad-libbing) Dont you know baby yea-a! I'll be there oh-ooo I'll be there!…Ahhh Michael…RIP

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