The Passage of Time

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything on this blog. But at a friend’s urging, I’ve decided to give it another shot. Blogging should provide an outlet for all the things that are going on in my head – the many, many things.

Mostly, though, I’ll be testing myself to see if I can still write. No. Rather it’s a test to see if I still have the urge to write. For a long time I didn’t think I’d be able to reach in and tap that writing well again…the inspiration had just dried up. The words had dried up. I suppose that’s what happens when there’s a trauma in your life. “They” say that time heals…I don’t know who “they” is but they lied and we need to stop spouting that rubbish…the passage of time only makes things easier to deal with but I don’t think that’s healing; it’s jus’ pain management.

Anywho, I’m supposedly on the mend or mostly mended so here I go again…stay tuned for more critiquing of Jamaican politics (I looked at my previous posts and there certainly was a lot of bitching about Jamaican politics…a lot of anger and miserableness, which I have now buried), pleading about the environment and wondering about the random people I see and the things that pop into my head. The difference is that now I’m coming from a different place, that’s more reflective and peaceful.

Hmm, I wonder if there’s a way to hook this blogger business up to my phone…? That’s the closest I’m willing to get to a twitter-like existence.

Don’t expect a diary or anything like that but I will try to share my introspection and insight into things. Of course, things will be refreshing, fresh and pure…hope you can handle it. Shit, I hope I can handle it!


mood: slightly anxious and melancholy

sounds: the whoosh of the AC

One Response to “The Passage of Time”
  1. Shumpy says:

    welcome back =)

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