A Prime Example

Now look at this ‘article’ that is in today’s online version of the Jamaica Gleaner. How in the name of all that is sensible and journalistic could this have been printed? I mean, even with no formal training I can spot this nonesense….ridiculous.

Air Jamaica is a major cash eater of the GOJ and even though many of us have a certain fondness for Air J and would love to see it continue to operate, at least give us a comprehensive overview of the mysterious 5-point plan, some analysis of what exactly it will mean for the airline and for taxpayers and customers, and some indidcation as to what benchmarks will be put in place to monitor the execution and progress of the plan. Which of the recommendations from the parliamentary committee will be incorporated and why? How about a comparison with the current business plan, and some analysis of why and how this new plan will lead to a more viable airline? To say nothing of how this US$60million – or is it US$65 million – is going to be raised. My goodness, if it nuh innah di press release or smaddy nuh say it, it nuh print!!

Air Jamaica business plan approved

published: Wednesday January 31, 2007

Cabinet on Monday approved the latest Air Jamaica business plan to move the national airline toward viability.

Chief Executive Officer of Air Jamaica, Michael Conway, and Chairman of the Board, O.K. Melhado ,presented the improved plan to Cabinet.

Information Minister Donald Buchanan said the five-point strategy contained in the plan is intended to increase the efficiency of the airline.

The new strategies are aimed at achieving increased reliability, route rationalisation, consolidate the administration of the airline, in Kingston, outsource Air Jamaica Vacations and the conversion of the current Airbuses to Boeing.

Mr. Buchanan said the airline needed some US$60 million to finance its capital requirements. “Going forward over a two-year period the proposal is that the airline would require another US$65 million to take it to the year 2008,” he explained.

Mr. Buchanan, who was addressing journalists at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing, at Jamaica House, said several recommendations from the parliamentary committee examining the operations of Air Jamaica were also included in the business plan.


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