Keeping the pressure on

Bahia Principe hotel operators under fire from environmentalists

An environmental group is raising more concerns about operations at the Bahia Principe Hotel in Pear Tree Bottom, St. Ann.
This time the Northern Jamaica Conservation Association has fears about a white sand beach created by the developers of the property, which opened its doors last week.Executive Director of the Association, Wendy Lee, has written to the National Environment and Planning Agency seeking answers to several questions about the beach.
The majority of the questions surround the environmental impact. “There are concerns about the environmental sustainability of extracting beach sand from a beach somewhere in Jamaica, transporting it by the truckload over to the North Coast; concerns about, well, will the sand actually stay in place or will it be washed off onto the coral reef? I don’t know of any approved quarry or distribution outlet for beach sand,” she said.She notes that the environment permit issued to the developers of the Bahia Principe stipulates that it must purchase material from an officially licensed and approved quarry.
Efforts by our News Centre to contact the management of the Bahia Principe Hotel have so far been unsuccessful.
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