We need to protect our interests…


…so that we don’t get raped of our natural resources yet again. This is a perfect way to initiate significant R&D and utlize the science brains we keep churning out from high school and university but who we continuously lose to U.S. universities & companies. As JCA says, we don’t want to end up like South America where foreigners have infiltrated the rain forests and are ‘harvesting’ the indigenous plants for 1st world benefit – because the drugs they produce while able to treat diseases that afflict those of us everywhere, are too damn expensive for us 3rd worlders to afford. And then there’s the whole lack of compensation to the home countries. Protect your intellectual property!!

Not keen on the patenting of the formula so quick because a trade secret is now gone…unless of course, per JCA again, they have developed an isomer to leverage their advantage when the patent expires. And I hope they’re doing the worldwide registration and not just the U.S. and JA.

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