I was wrong

In an earlier post, I went off about how the only person you could ever trust/lean on is yourself. I was wrong. The person we should all always lean on and trust is God. And truth be told, there are people in our lives who we love and who love us who will always be willing to listen and provide support however possible. Don’t forget them…rather, don’t underestimate them. But above all else, put your trust in God. Do not forget to pray…EVER. Believe me, prayer gives such healing it is unimaginable sometimes, but in these talks with God – because that is what prayer is – you will find yourself renewed and refreshed. Ask the Holy Spirit to direct your prayers and just pour it all out to God. He’ll always love you, un-con-di-tion-ally.

Right then, now that I have set that record straight, some interesting articles from the papers.

Mark Wignall (in that spirit of admitting when we are wrong):

I too was caught up in Portia’s victory. To an extent I still have a hard time admitting that she’s screwed up because I just don’t see any other leader emerging as a powerful voice to lead Jamaica out of this pitch black darkness. I also realise that our two-party style of politics ain’t working.

John Maxwell’s ever clear and startling wisdom:

After reading that I’m jus’ shaken and worried for my country, our country. We got a LOT of things to do to set things right.

We need to protect our children. There was an article earlier in the week about how students at a school on Mountain View Avenue had a drill they practiced and had down pat – not it wasn’t no fire drill: it was a drill for when shots stat fire. Serious: hit the ground face down and when there’s a lull, run for the bathroom. I wasn’t even shocked but I was deeply, deeply saddened.

Look at that young man’s smiling face and what we are putting him through or how parents have to choose NOT to send their kids to school:


Plus this: http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20061119/lead/lead4.html

God Bless us all!

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