More Stink…is it Toxic?

In one of today’s papers:

Bank employee identified in Trafigura leak
Observer Reporter

Friday, October 06, 2006

A female employee of FirstCaribbean International Bank has been identified as the person who breached the bank’s protocol and leaked copies of cheques drawn on a PNP campaign finance account to the JLP, according to a political source close to the controversy now rocking the Government.”I understand also that she has some very interesting links to the Jamaica Labour Party,” added the source, who requested anonymity.

Now Bruce is an idiot for suggesting that this woman is being made a scapegoat. I swear some times he’s so giddy with glee at another PNP mishap that he enters into the state boys do when they’re having an orgasm: they say anything because there is no thinking in their brains. Look, if in fact she did share such confidential information with a JLP contact because of her political leaning or other pressures, then she should not only be fired but she should be criminally charged. There is absolutely no room for this kind of behaviour in our financial sector; hasn’t there been enough bullshit in the last 12 years? Such an action is gross and does nothing to promote confidence or the credibility of our financial institutions. Can you imagine a foreign investor, whether Jamaican or not, who’s looking on? Not only are they quite possibly dismayed at the seeming impropriety of the JA$31 million donation by a foreign company doing business with the Government of Jamaica, but there’s also the issue of how the evidence for the scandal was sourced?! Amazing.

Other tidbits in the article, and some evidence that Bruce can think: his refusal to either confirm or deny that the documents did no t in fact come from the bank employee but from a source within the PNP. Now that is political genius.

I’m not involved, says Norton Hinds
OLIVIA LEIGH CAMPBELL, Observer staff reporter

Friday, October 06, 2006

Norton Hinds, whose signature appears on cheques drawn on the First Caribbean International Bank account into which over $30 million of campaign donations from oil trading company Trafigura Beheer BV to the People’s National Party was transferred, has flatly denied knowledge of any of the transactions and yesterday sought to distance himself from the controversy.


JCC scolds PNP

Says Trafigura donation contributes to perception of a culture of corruption
Observer ReporterFriday, October 06, 2006

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) yesterday chided the ruling People’s National Party (PNP) for accepting a $31-million campaign donation from international oil trading firm Trafigura, saying that while it was not illegal it contributed to the perception of a culture of corruption.

Good comments and good move.

An acquantance alerted me and a few other people to other shady dealings in which Trafigura Beheer BV is involved. Read on for some interested information that certainly gives pause and some consternation. That lady’s question was whether or not Trafigura Beheer BV was somehow contracting with the Government of Jamaica to engage in dumping toxic waste.

Ivory Coast ‘toxic ship’ inquiry

Estonia has launched a criminal inquiry into the ship at the centre of an environmental scandal in Ivory Coast, after finding toxic waste on board.
The Panamanian-registered tanker, Probo Koala, has been impounded at the Estonian port of Paldiski.
Eight people died and more than 77,700 sought medical treatment as a result of the waste shipped to Abidjan last month, Ivorian officials have said.
The Dutch charter company, Trafigura Beheer BV, denies its cargo was toxic.
Estonia’s state prosecutor’s office opened the criminal investigation, saying the ship’s crew was suspected of trying to dump waste water into the Paldiski port without permission.

EU says shipment of waste to Ivory Coast may have been illegal

29 Sep 2006
The European Union said a shipment of waste from the Netherlands that was dumped in the Ivory Coast, allegedly leaving seven people dead and 57,000 seeking medical help, may have been illegal. The oil-products carrier Probo Koala was detained in Estonia yesterday after toxins were found on board. The vessel hired by Dutch commodity trader Trafigura Beheer BV, left the Netherlands on July 5 and arrived August 19 in the Ivory Coast capital Abidjan where waste, known as slops, was dumped. „We have European waste-shipment regulations which ban such export, but apparently the law was broken,” said European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas, who visited the ship.

My bold prediction: The JLP will finally find a way to take full advantage of all of these spiralling messes without looking vindictive or tit-fot-tat. The PNP will lose this upcoming election. Sister P will be a scapegoat for the rest of her life. PJ will die or move rather than “live under the JLP” and Papa Eddie will have a permanent grin until he kicks the bucket.

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