Unspeakable Evil

I read this last night as I was about to go to bed. I’d been nodding off in front of the comp moments before but after I read about this, I felt wide awake and sick to my stomach. How can someone do this? Evil, Evil, Evil. But then as a friend said, evil doesn’t begin to cover it. I’s gruesome, it’s sad, it’s shocking…it’s indescribable. I immediately realized that I cannot work in a Public Defenders office because if this lands on my desk, I quit. Seriously, how can one possibly defend this? Anxious to see how it unfolds….and if gets CNN’s LaciPeterson-like coverage. Humph.

Here is the headline: Autopsy: Slain woman’s kids were drowned. That souns awful, eh?

Check the full article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060924/ap_on_re_us/woman_slain

Pray for the souls of these children. In an act by a woman that at first seems insane but then obviously not because of how she fesses up at the funeral and later while in custody, 7 lives were affected – the 4 children (@ 7 months, the fetus is LIFE, people) and the mother who were murdered and her own 2 children. Frankly, I can’t even count this woman as a life and she better have some good nerves for when she goes to jail because the women in that prison, especially those who have kids, are going to mek her feel it.

What gets me is that she cut out the fetus! Cut it out?! Jah know. Freal, only Jah knows.

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One Response to “Unspeakable Evil”
  1. Mikki_L says:

    This woman is officially nutz! It reminds of some Bible verse that says the heart of man is exceedingly wicked… i cyaan find the source right now, but basically it means that our hearts are capable of unspeakable evil if we don’t get them in check! man, this woman is twisted. I wonder what her motives were? Jealousy? Wacko. Those poor kids, including the baby in the womb:(

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