Myths, fictions, truths? How to proceed?

Following a recent conversation with a family friend, I began to wonder about some things:

Is it true that Jamaicans, specifically those abroad, are the hardest set of people to motivate to be a politically active (and conscious) and effective force?

Is it true that we’re the most bad-minded people toward our own countrymen (and women…c’mon now it’s just grammar!)? Are we the definition of being “our own worst enemy”?

Does it make sense to even try to mobilize the Jamaican Diaspora, which has yet to be fully and clearly defined? Does it make sense to try to model the Jamaican Diaspora after the Jewish people? IF it does indeed make good sense, can it be done? How can it be done? (And please don’t say, “more remittances”.)


mood: contemplative & woozy (sinus/cold)
music: office sounds


What do you think?

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