Casual Death

It amazes and frightens me how easily we talk about death these days. Every morning I wake up to news of bombings in Iraq and lately news about Israel’s proxy war against Lebanon. Just now I’m listening online to a recording of some music and there’s a new break and amidst local news about a celebrity being arrested for drunk driving and Tony Blair’s take on climate change is news of how many people were killed in a recent bombing of Beirut. I think we’re becoming frighteningly sensitizes to the violence, death and suffering in this world. This has nothing to do with the music we listen to, the books we read or the shows we watch on TV or in the theatres. This is jus’ the reality of our now violent and cruel world. Nothing shocks or galvinizes us into action any more unless it’s a most devastating occurrence (i.e. something like Katrina or the 2004 tsunami) or the death of a close or loved one. It is truly frightening how casually we take the issue of something as final death. Not that we should be hypersensitive to every passing away but the ‘batches’ of death on our morning, afternoon, and evening news are now jus’ background noise as we go about the day, even though they neither come from out of the blue nor are they beyond our reach to influence for the better.

What’s worse, I think, is that we don’t even get the full story from our media about all that’s happening in the world. The news is cherry picked for the stories expected to garner the highest ratings because of perceived public interest, and then those stories are repeated ad naseum with little or no real information on the whole situation. Again this isn’t beyond our control but we don’t do anything either out of frustration with the dedication and time it takes to get to someone who can help, because we don’t know where to start, or simply because our lives are filled with the immediate task of living.

Just some things to think on. Cheers.

mood: contemplative and feeling tired
sounds: Anthony Hamilton’s Charlene on Ronnie Herel’s special RnB Slow Jamz show


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