Heat Wave

The past few days in NY have been hot. I mean some serious 90 degrees that feel like 104; the humidity has been brutal. And to top off the big apple has been shut down several times with power outages. Yep, they’ve joined us jolly third worlders in the world of darkness caused by inadequate and ancient power grids. Serious enough that most businesses tried to conserve power by turning off or dimming lights at the behest of the Mayor’s office. One chick related to me how she’d gotten a half day off work because the heat had melted the cables at her company’s office so they could get no work done. Today I was outside in the sun for a total of 5 minutes and I got dehydrated – dizzy and blurry vision. Amazing. Sleeping is also a task because my bed feels like an iron board…It jus’ hot and the fan I have jus’ cyaan seem to do enough. Jah know.

But still I’ll take this or any summer heat over a freezing February any day but damn, can we get some breeze??!! This kind of summer is worse than anything in Jamaica. At least at home we have breeze and shade and the option to go to a beach or river. NY has neither barely any breeze – just stagnant, hazy air choked with car fumes and the cigarette smoke of people jammed outside office buildings – and a few trees. And I don’t trust their beaches at all. Our heat is jus’ different and ironically far more pleasant. Some people I say this to don’t understand because they associate the ‘tropics’ with hot and humid but it jus’ ain’t so. Even though we have our muggy days they’re not oppressive like NY. We have breeze!! Another reason to get my behind back home.

By the way, did you know that it snows in South Africa? Had an idea that it got cold there but nothing close to snow. I’m talking more than a dusting! Don’t have the link for the article now but it’s somewhere on Yahoo via the AP and it was remarkable to see the pictures.

mood: tired but refusing to go to bed ( no work tomorrow)
sounds: Keysia Cole’s CD


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