Where Art Thou?

World Cup is in full swing so I’m scarce…very scarce. It’s been a good finals I think except for some dark & silly referees. I guess Brazil looks like they’re going to win it all again but Argentina is also playing well (the extra time goal was phenomenal) and Germany is home so anything is possible with that kind of support. As for England, woi dem salt…weren’t playing well to start and then Owen went kaput. And the match yesterday was jus’ OK, not special….well except for Beckham’s free kick. Wheeee!! Hoping that Ghana will upset Brazil…I said hoping not that it was going to happen!
Much has been happening in the Jamaican news, chief among it all is the arrival of Cuban cement. Yeah for more imports! Also picking up momentum is the General Election talk. I think Sister P will call it for before the year is out and definitely not for the run-up to occur before Cricket World CUp in 2007. We shall see…right now if I was the JLP I’d hope that GEs are called later rather than sooner since the polls indicate more dorp-off for the Sister P-led PNP.

We shall see…

Expect a full return post July 9 *grin*

What do you think?

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