More of the same, sadly

So after my angry blog I go on the Gleaner‘s website and see the following headling: Prime Minister of Jamaica stands by Paulwell. Eh? I had to read to see if the Gleaner‘s webmaster had made soe mistake. No, he/she hadn’t. The PM actually said:

“If I did not have any confidence (in him) I would not have re-appointed him as a Minister of Government,” she said while responding to questions from journalists about the recent calls for his resignation.

O really? Or could it be that Paulwell was one of your campaign managers and you owe him your political ass? I mean political favours and promotion aside, this man is seriously screwing with the country’s money and future. He is an I-N-E-P-T Minister of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce (and that’s the correct title which only gives me more reason to be angry because he has more to screw up!).
When will the line be drawn? When will an elected official say enough pussy footing around with returning political favours and take the interest of Jamaica and Jamaicans to heart? When will they realise that they owe their career to the Jamaican people and not to some wannabe hotshot political strategizer? This is absolutely unbelievable. Philip Paulwell is the worst performing minister in the entire cabinet so muc h so that he beat out the cursed Omar Davies (I never thought anyone could attain that feat). I cannot fathom how he has managed to keep his job through all his mismanaging of the country’s money. And yet he still has a job and the PM’s confidence. Now I know that Portia is not the most lettered person in the Government but sure she has common sense, a brain, eyes to see the devastation, and a memory of Mr. Paulwell’s record. I am left to conclude that she is unspeakably foolish. Dare I say, or even think, that we should expect more of the same from dear Sister P?

Further down in the article – which was, by the way, poorly reported and poorly witten so much so that its auhor shouldn’t deign to call himself a journalist – Sister P says that “she had addressed the [cement] problem already by removing the Common External Tariff on imported cement for a year.” Really? You mean by removing the tariff on the importing of cement you have provided, at best, the most basic and lazy short term solution to a major problem facing the country? You mean by providing revenue and jobs for other countries, even as the Gleaner reports that Jamaica’s unemployment rate is set to rise sharply as a direct result of the cement crisis, you have even begun to rectify the cement crisis? You mean that once again our economy has been externally oriented while our construction sector has been deserted and left to the private company to fix? A private company that is in no way invested in Jamaica – and I don’t mean that the factory isn’t worth some money or anything like that. I mean that CCC’s reason for being in business is to make a profit. That is the motive of every business ever established. So if addressing the shortfall in cement production means that they have to, o I don’t know, cut some staff to meet other expenses then that’s up to them or sell the company and get the hell out then that’s what they’ll do; this is business not a government and requires no conscience. It is nice to have a kind or community conscious or ethical business but it is not necessary. It is necessary to have a conscientious, ethical and responsible government. We can claim none of those qualities for our Government.

The Jamaican Government has no conscience, and is neither ethical nor responsible. The Jamaican Government yet again has left the Jamaican people out in the cold to fend for ourselves. And we sit silently, too concerened with living day to day (understandbaly so) to march our burdened, beaten and betrayed bodies down to Gordon House and demand action. Or perhaps we’re biding our time until the Genral Elections, which I suppose is fine, but by then it’ll only be a matter of rewarding another policial party with victory while having taught neither party that the Jamaican people are not docile fools.

Yes, it is more of the same for the Jamaican people until we choose to demand better and stop accepting mediocrity. My euphoria and hope are not fading, they are gone.

Articles Referenced
1) (Why wasn’t this the headline? Why wasn’t this blared across the front page? Why wasn’t the article written not only about Portia’s misplaced confidence but also about Paulwell’s abhorent record?)


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